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Firefly and Chuck‘s Adam Baldwin on how he discovered liberalism sucks.

“Dr. Horrible” wins an Emmy!

Woohoo! See two of the lucky winners here. Before they beat each other up.

Dream job?

A big Firefly fan who’s a SoCal cop was assigned to do security at a Dollhouse location shoot, with amusing results. (No, he’s not really arresting Joss).


Here’s the photographic definition of fun: Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible with several of the cast of Dollhouse.

Shoulders of giants

Jonah Goldberg on Joss Whedon and Watchmen. (Yes, Breitbart’s new site gives him cover to go geekier than they’d allow at National Review).

The audio is pretty bad – it was very loud there and his answers are a bit hard to hear, but it’s still worthwhile.

Blago: no cash, no job

Allegedly he said that to Jesse Jackson Jr’s wife.

I may need a second DVR

Here’s the new official promo for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Looks great. And I’m not just saying that because it’s Eliza Dushku.

…or he’ll make you his mare

Many applications to join the Evil League of Evil are up on YouTube now (search for “evil league of evil application”), but here’s one of our favorites to start you off, Tur-Mohel.

It looks rather Bones like, except with 100% more Fillion.

An important special message

from Nathan Fillion.

Some weekend fun

Here’s a site that lets you generate your own version of Fox Mulder’s “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster. You can change the text to whatever will fit and even swap the UFO for things like the TARDIS or USS Enterprise. Here’s one I came up with:

Conversations with yourself

Now, I’ve never thought “self, the world needs a radical Dworkin-style feminist commentary on Whedon and Minear’s Firefly“, but the Interweb provideth anyway. Z. didn’t want to leave that up at Whedonesque for fear of destroying the server, but I knew exactly who to pass it to. (Although it ends up being mostly a argument about if Zoe is actually a character. And someone who’s clearly never seen The 4400 or Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles claims Summer Glau can’t act, which is preposterous).

Some good news

It looks like Summer Glau’s awesome turn as a Terminator will be back in the fall.

This fall: buy Jayne’s hat

Yeah, *that* one. Details here.

A: Let’s just say either Jayne Cobb or John Casey would heartily approve.

Separated at birth?

Al Gore III:

Alan Tudyk:

Four and out

Oh ye television producers, do not let your shows anywhere near Fox.

All Minear all the time

Fan-favorite Tim Minear has created his own fan video about his own shows. I’m serious. Includes clips from Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside, and a few sneak peeks at Drive.


The organizers of a planned California Firefly convention went bankrupt and bailed at the last minute, leaving a lot of folks with expensive unrefundable airline and hotel bills. A group of fans organized an impromptu alternative party so those people could have something to do, and then fan-favorite Adam Baldwin (currently of ABC’s Day Break) showed up uninvited, followed by actors Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Mark Sheppard, Jonathan Woodward, and Christina Hendricks. Those guys are great.

Now that’s a present

For his birthday, fan-favorite Tim Minear‘s new series Drive was green-lit by Fox, apparently for an April premiere. Should be interesting.

One small leak for man

There’s a little more info on Tim Minear‘s upcoming FOX series Drive here (plus the latest on many other in-development shows, none of which will likely be as good).

“…for our visions of Paradise”

Say what you will about Lileks, he’s energetic. Bonus Firefly related quote:

[A]nything that ends with Jayne hanging out of the cargo bay of a spaceship on a rope aiming a laser-guided rifle at witch-burners has my complete approval.

“I’ll be in my bunk”

Here’s a short interview with Jayne himself, Adam Baldwin.

Strangled in the womb

Ron Moore would have a real fight on his hands for Battlestar Galactica‘s “best-written show on TV” title if The Inside were still in production. I just saw the first episode (1×08) after the ones shown on US TV and it was absolutely flawless. (Yeah, it’s Jane Espenson who also wrote the breakthrough mom/daughter killer episode, but this blows even that away).


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