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A non-sequitor of the highest order, but this *is* Obama and Kerry.

(UPDATE: fixed broken link).

Well, there you go, the 2-state solution is inoperative. Everyone go home and stop blaming Israel.

That’s rather interesting.

And boy is she mad about that.

Hint: the Pallies.

Talks between Fatah and Hamas fail

You knew it was going to happen, but I’m reporting it anyway.

It’s Friday

And you know what that means.

Here’s a picture worth many thousand words.

Tribal Update 67

LATMA put this one out early this week.

And representing the UN, a stack of pancakes on a booster seat. (Sorry, I had to make that joke).

This is great ammo next time someone claims the Pallies are “suffering”.

The Pallies? Charming people. Let’s give them a state!

The real West Bank

It’s not what the Pallie propagandists want you to think.

No doubt a big applause line in Cairo.

Your feel-good story of the day

Hamas got their hands on a US Stinger shoulder-mounted missile and fired it at an IAF helicopter. However, the missile ID’d the chopper as US-made and it’s programmed to avoid US-made equipment so it re-targeted on a bunch of Hamassholes instead. Brilliant.

When you’re pictured on the Hamas web site with an AK-47 and a grenade launcher it’s hard to claim civilian status.

Follow the money

Hamas’s money, that is.

Because that always works

Israel’s agreed to a ceasefire while everyone attempts to make them give away more land.

Pure awesome

An IDF soldier used a Hamas-hole to shield himself from a grenade blast. I think that’s the first practical use that’s been found for Hamas.

Question of the month

Gaza is sometimes described as “unwinnable”, usually by Pallie activists. Which begs this question.

“In Process”


Fully equipped

IDF video of a Gaza mosque that has an anti-aircraft cannon and other, err, luxuries.

Europe’s latest fashion

Jew-hatred, of course.

Hurray for Pallywood

CNN aired an obvious bit of faked pro-Pallie propaganda and having not learned anything from Dan Rather they’re trying to defend it.

My head hurts. It’s nice to see “journalists” being honest though.


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