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I can’t top Allah’s headline

Bush-bashing bridge babes buffaloed!

I can’t even top his reaction:

How about a simple press release noting that anyone who can’t get through a card game without declaring his or her opposition to the Bushitler is an abject moron?

BBC: “Bush=Hitler”

They actually have a large picture of Bush as Hitler in their newsroom.

Not another one

Can we just ban film festivals in France? They always lead to moronic stuff like this, from Pierce Brosnan (certainly the man I look to for political advice).

Save us

70s counterculture kung-fu star Billy Jack plans to make a comeback in order to show the world the evil of the Bushitler™. Jeff’s got some advice.

Some things just can’t be exported

Margo Kingston attempts to smear the Howardhitler™, but it just doesn’t work out.


Is EUrope now ready to surrender to the Bushitler™? That’s one interesting theory. Putin’s neo-Iron Curtain asperations are to blame, not surprisingly.

Bush Wins!

Ha… in case you missed the latest Ohio recount, Bush still won.


Tim Blair finds it in Canada. Not!

Uhh, sure

Linda Ronstadt is at it again. I suppose it beats trying to actually have a career or something.

Michigan Manatee strikes again

Michael Moore is going to make a sequel to F9/11 to be released during the 2008 election cycle. His theory is that people voted for Bush because they were unaware of his “film”. I tend to believe people voted for Bush *because* of his film.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

From the Political Junkie Handbook we present these interesting election stats. For each demographic group, the first number (before the /) indicates the percentage that voted for Bush in 2000. The second is the number in 2004. (NOTE: Some group names have been changed by me according to IoT’s ‘house lack of style’ – I’m responsible, not PJH).

Blacks: 8%/11%
Whites: 54%/58%
Hispanics: 41%/44%
Married: 53%/56%
Not Married: 38%/40%
Union Members: 37%/40%
Gays: 25%/23%
Gun Owners: 61%/67%
Protestants: 63%/59%
Jews: 19%/25%
Catholics: 45%/52%
Republicans: 91%/93%
Donks: 10%/11%
Men: 51%/55%
Women: 43%/48%
18-29 year olds: 46%/45%
30-44 year olds: 49%/53%
45-59 year olds: 49%/51%
60+ year olds: 47%/54%

Beating out Doc Ock?

Yes, that’s right. UK magazine readers have named the Bushitler™ as top movie villan of the year (for his, err, appearance in Michael Moore’s Triumph of the WillF 9/11).


Having been humiliated by an Aussie, the Guardian channels their rage by calling for the assassination of the President. Very nice, guys.

Now what?

CBS announced that they’ve scrapped a 60 Minutes story about how the Bushitler™ lied and Michael Moore profited. Err, wait, that wasn’t it. Anyway, go read the sordid tale.

Gallery of stupidity

Ahoy, ye landlubbers! Get yourself over to see the Bush=Hitler expo page! Your parrot doesn’t want ye to miss it!

Oh good grief has a new ad advocating that people in the armed forces surrender and go AWOL to avoid being killed in the Bushitler’s “illegal war”. I’m starting to think Karl Rove does run the Left for his amusement, because that ad’s gonna go over *reeeeal* well with your average soldier, sailor, airman, or (especially) Marine.

F for originality

A UK lingerie shop has made a promo video of Bush being whipped by a dominatrix (not to be confused with Keanu. Or Hesh, for that matter). They claim it’s “just fun”, yet it sounds like the script was written by Kos and Atrios, or maybe James Carville. Count the lefty cliches in the description!

Maw, it’s time for a lynchin’

It turns out that not only do terminally smug Northeastern lefties like disasters, they blame them all on the Bushitler™.

Ahh, our distinguished elders

John Glenn is now in full-on “Bush=Hitler” mode. Disappointing.


A group of lefties plan to “paralyze the Republicans” by dancing their fat hippy asses off. I expect any paralysis will be mostly induced by laughter. (And don’t miss Lileks in the comments!).


E. Nough takes apart a fairly bizzare UK news story about the Bushitler™.


Kerry’s trying to get the Feds to shut down the Swifties now, by claiming Bush controls them.

If that’s the case, Kerry’s clearly all over the various 527s who have saturated Florida’s airwaves with retarded anti-Bush stuff.

Even better than Protest Warrior

“Communists for Kerry” had a successful outing. Hee hee!


Apparently for some reason the Strib ran Lileks’ piece on Sudden Bush Hatred Fatigue Syndrome, and all hell broke loose amongst DFLers. Mheh.

Two Bushes and a side of fries

Steve has a picture of the disaster area, including a possible cause – a woman the size of Michael Moore. It looks like she’s about to try and barbecue Jeb.


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