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He Said, She Said

E. Nough has brutally Fisked Palestinian apologist Edward Said’s latest. (Link via Kathy Kinsley).

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  • TROOPtrax

    I’m behind on this because of the drama with the site, but Michele has started TROOPtrax, in which people donate to buy CDs for our military personnel overseas. A very cool idea for a very good cause!

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  • Mardi Gras at War

    Beautiful. Totally brilliant.

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  • Linkage

    Dr. Frank discusses the Left’s insane need to link Israel to Iraq.

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  • Rummy, deFranked

    From a real Rummy press conference:

    Q: Could you tell us — could you tell us why the administration to date at least doesn’t favor direct talks with the North Korean government? After all, we continue speaking to the French. (Laughter.)

    Rumsfeld: (Pause.) I’m not going there. (Laughter.) The French are our allies in NATO, and North Korea is a very different situation.

    (Link via Ben Domenech).

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  • You made it!

    To repeat once again, this is the new server! Please check it out and post comments and do whatever. Once the name servers catch up, this will be as before, so you don’t need to worry about memorizing the new name.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Oh. My. God.

    The Emperor links to an article that does for chick flicks what His Imperialness does for idiotarians. Read *all* of his disclaimer before continuing.

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  • A fine day for fine writing

    Lileks, Steyn, Krauthammer and Hanson, and now Den Beste rips up an email from a European PoMo.

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  • LGF triple-pack

    More stupid musicians, Krauthammer hammers France, and Victor Davis Hanson hammers Europe in general.

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  • Vermont

    Mark Steyn blows holes in the latest “Palestinian peace plan”, using US/Canada border towns as an excellent example.

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  • Dirty Work

    Glenn claims victory after Russia says it will veto new Iraq resolutions to preserve “stability”. (The stability of their oil contracts with Saddam, to be precise).

    Meanwhile, at Harvard, sex discrimination is out of control and creating a “hostile environment” ripe for lawsuits. Isn’t it?

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  • Double shot

    Susanna rewrites the Grinch into something a bit less leftist, with a little help from her readers.

    Also, she has a funny story about a trip her boss recently took to London.

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  • The Porno President

    Mike Hendrix coins more great adjectives for the 42nd President.

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  • Ribbit

    Page Six gossip columnist Cindy Adams goes after the French with a 2×4. Ouch.

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  • Bert the Turtle

    Now I understand why Baby Boomers are so farked up. Go watch the linked video if you’ve only encountered “Duck and Cover” in a South Park context.

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  • Whoa

    Lileks introduces the war. If you read only one thing today, well, you’ve already blown it on this intro. But stretch the rules and click on through.

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  • You made it!

    If you can read this, you’ve made it to the new site. Don’t worry, the DNS switchover should happen soon assuming this new server is up to the load (it feels much much snappier posting and doing other MT maintenance!).

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  • Baghdad Batteries

    The BBC has an article on some interesting archaeological finds in and around Baghdad. It saddens me that they have chosen to present the story with a “war could destroy these artifacts” slant. Though regrettable, isn’t the destruction of artifacts preferable to the continued abuse and mistreatment of the Iraqi people? I’m sure that’s not the ANSWER the ‘peace’ protesters are looking for.

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  • France surrendering to us?

    Signs point to ‘yes’, but Glenn isn’t convinced their motives are pure (neither am I).

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  • Arafish is loaded!

    Yasser’s made Fortune magazine’s list of richest people in the world, with a cool $300 million in European hush money “aid” in his bank account.

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  • New uses for Duct Tape(tm)

    Near the end of this article on the “direct and growing threat” posed by Saddam Hussein, there is mention of Bush Sr. speaking at Tufts University in Massachusetts. My favorite part:

    At one point, antiwar protesters interrupted the speech by shouting at the elder Bush. As security escorted the demonstrators away, the former president said, “We’ve now found another real good reason to use duct tape.”

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  • Hot Pockets?

    An article over at PCWorld warns of the risks of overclocking your PDA. I’m having trouble holding back the laughter.

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  • Fred Rogers Passes On

    Just saw that Mr. Rogers passed on early this morning from cancer at the age of 74. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was public TV’s longest running program.

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  • Ch-ch-changes

    As you may have noticed, we are still having software/server problems. Comments may or may not work depending on how lucky you are. If you know or know of an MT expert, please send them my way (ischmidt at cfl dot rr dot com).

    In happier news, we’ve gained a second poster, in the form of my brother from the frozen north. He posts as “Zeitgeist”, and he will not say anything idiotarian.

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  • Child abuse

    Misha has an update on the Maine teachers story, and El Rushbo just discussed it for 10 solid minutes on national radio. Those teachers don’t know what kind of trouble is about to descend.

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