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Archive for February 14th, 2003

It IS all about oil

…for the French, of course. You expected something different?

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  • France in your pants

    Den Beste has a typically good analysis of France and their motives.

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  • How to REALLY speak Australian

    Crikey, Tim Blair’s quoting a right impenetrable tract.

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  • Political suicide

    Democrats and other lefties crashed an anti-France protest. As Glenn notes, being pro-France is probably suicide for them (France’s approval rating among the general public is down to 26% in the latest polls, from over 60% a year ago!). This is why we shouldn’t stop those morons from marching: they’re self-Fisking.

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  • No blood for truffles!

    Mark Steyn nukes Chirac “et Mini-Moi” in Belgium. I shouldn’t even have to mention that hilarity ensues, or that you shouldn’t be drinking when you click the link.

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  • Is Belgium sinister?

    I know, the concept makes me giggle like a little girl too, but there might be something to it.

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  • The WSJ has a great story about the sheriff in Milwaukee, who’s pissing off the “civil rights” establishment by actually acting colorblind.

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  • Not in HIS Name

    An actual Iraqi says anti-war protestors are full of crap. Well, duh.

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  • Hurrah for the Post

    This is choice.

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  • Nightly maintenance

    I’ve added 3 WTC related links to “non-blogs”, plus a cool blog that I found lurking in the referrers. Please welcome “Liberty Punk”, named after two great tastes that taste great together. He’s got an amusing post up about the inevitable lameness of tribute albums, and the new Ramones one in particular.

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  • Advantage: Rottweiler

    I was looking at my referrers, and here’s your score:

    Right Wing News‘ awards article thingy: 48
    Emperor Misha’s front page: well over 600 and still going

    Advantage: the Empire!

    PS: attention MSNBC asshats, please post the transcript of Dennis Miller on Donahue. The public is waiting.

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