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Laurence Simon investigates all the similarities between Iraqis and Palestinians.

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  • Jaws

    Stefan Sharkansky has attracted the attention of al-Guardian. Way to go, Stefan!

    UPDATE: Stefan has struck back, not surprisingly. LGF is also all over this one.

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  • Puppetry of the Media

    Cox and Forkum take on Peter Arnett. Hilarity ensues, of course.

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  • Robert suggests that the virgin machines need to get cranked up, because Allah’s gonna need plenty soon.

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  • Rich white alienation

    Michael Moore gets taken to the woodshed. Great stuff.

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  • Even Yasser isn’t this devious

    Beware of suicide broadcasters!

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  • Heh heh m heh

    Megan McArdle talks about tarriffs on wood. Canada is involved.

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  • Everywhere

    The truth about how Iraqi citizens feel about the war is so pervasive even Reuters has to report it.

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  • Shock and awe

    The President of Columbia University has issued a statement. Wow.

    UPDATE: the erstwhile Professor’s college roommate has a blog and has posted about the controversy.

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  • Pundit no more

    Pejman has moved to Movable Type and his own server. Pejmanpundit is dead, long live Pejmanesque!

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  • Race to the bottom

    Here’s the new champion of totally dumb-ass opinion columns. I bet the Emperor could have some fun with the one…

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  • Where are you going?

    The Sporting News has posted their 5 best and 5 Worst NFL teams by their offseason roster juggling.

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  • Interesting

    The Shanghai Star gets the war exactly right. Who knew?

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  • Hah!

    New evidence indicates that forests emit more smog-causing pollutants than traffic and industry combined. (Hat tip: Kathy Kinsley).

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  • Eject! Retreat! Whatever!

    Bill Whittle has written again. And it’s All Good.

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  • Thin skin

    A British anti-war leader is acting all pissy because she got jeered on a BBC interview show by the audience. Waaah!

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  • Protest discrimination!

    I’m pretty sure Steve H. is making this up, but it’s funny anyway.

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  • Beautiful

    Protesters outside the Fox News office in New York got razzed by the big ticker on the side of the building, making sarcastic references to Michael Moore among other things.

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  • Woo woo!

    Frank’s Rummy is holding a press conference. You already know what to do.

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  • He He He?

    An organization is sending out pamphlets with a prayer for W. Atheist liberals freak almost completely out. Andrea Harris swings the axe a few times. Problem solved 😉

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  • Pet-uh

    By now, most everyone knows about Peter Arnett’s treason (Den Beste won’t call it that, but I will). He’s now been fired by NBC, one day after they said he has their full support (heh).

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  • Cloning Gone Wild

    The war in Afghanistan was supposed to create “1,000 bin Ladens”. Now the war in Iraq is supposed to create “100 bin Ladens“. Uhh, whatever.

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  • Ribbit

    French Muslims arrange an anti-war protest. Except you already know what they were really protesting.

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  • Mil spec.

    For those not boycotting France, Rand Simberg points out the French Army Knife.

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  • Regime change where it matters

    I keep forgetting to check Borowitz, even though he frequently brings the funny. Check this out, featuring a fake Rummy that would get along well with Frank’s. (Hat tip to Mike Hendrix).

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