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Good ideas

Michele has some July 4th ideas. I believe many of these would fit nicely into the Emperor’s call for great things that are American.

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  • There are no infidels in Baghdad!

    There’s a new audio-only tape out of Saddam (we’ve seen this MO before, no?) and it sounds a bit delusional, to put it mildly.

    Plus, bonus Hillary snark.

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  • Bureaucratic socialism

    The EU has lifted a travel ban it placed on a dead man. Heh.

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  • Justice at Oxford

    Andrew Wilkie, the anti-Semetic professor, is up for some serious disciplinary action. All hail the power of LGF.

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  • Happy Fourth of July!

    Posting will be super-light today, but read this post by Kim du Toit on why Europe sucks, with a special bonus Bill Whittle quote.

    UPDATE: Den Beste has a more in-depth analysis, including why AMD was stupid to build a state-of-the-art chip factory in Germany.

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  • Berlusconi rocks

    Here’s a good defense of him from the London Times.

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  • 15/19

    Al Queda has blank Saudi passports. Gee, I’m shocked!

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  • Don’t think so.

    Some guy is starting a project to help people “get over” 9/11. Michele doesn’t think so, to put it mildly.

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