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Archive for July 7th, 2003

BBC bin caught

Compare the headlines about Blair being cleared by Parliament (coincidentally, Blair is now demanding a formal apology from the BBC).

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  • Ol’ one-ball meets the dickless

    Here’s a great piece on the Arabs’ love affair with the Nazis.

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  • Sponsored by…

    Apparently the Religion of Peace(tm) hired Kim du Toit to babysit.

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  • You Would LOVE Me When I’m Angry


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  • How to fix Iraq

    Roger Simon relays some interesting thoughts on Iraq from a friend, and properly calls bullshit on some of his ideas. Good stuff, and food for thought.

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  • Best unintended quote

    Bush is far more popular with various Africa activists than Clinton since he actually takes action and stuff. Anyway, that resulted in this quote, which is at least a double-entendre:

    “Clinton gave us a bone, and Bush put some meat on the bone”

    Paging Monica Lewinsky…

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  • Get rated

    Kelley links to a place where you can get your own MPAA rating, just like Misha’s.

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  • Not a chance

    The NRA tries to defend itself against Kim. Keep digging, boys.

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  • Dean Esmay bashes in the claims that the Bushitler is an emperor. (Well, duh, if he tried to be Misha would lay down the smack).

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  • Ah-nuld

    The Grey Davis problem is solved in Frank’s world.

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  • Hot action

    Maripat’s interviewed Frank J and lived to tell the tale.

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  • Interview with the Empire

    Acidman posted a list of questions for women. But the Emperor is not bound by your conventions.

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