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Archive for July 22nd, 2003

Donks: caught on tape

California Democrats accidentally plotted to make the state crisis worse so they can raise taxes more, while a mic in the room was open and broadcasting. Oooooops!

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  • France Hands Out Cash For Games

    Yep, as long as you are French and make a nonviolent nonpornographic game in France.

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  • No Doom3 this year? :(

    That’s what people are saying.

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  • IBM Sends 3 Million Jobs Overseas

    Cause well like everyone else is so we have to too.

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  • I don’t mean to get off on a rant

    Here’s an interview with Dennis Miller from the Weekly Standard. Remember, he’s on Leno tomorrow night!

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  • Brew ha ha!

    Meryl Yourish objected to the fact that no women placed in RWN’s Top 20 list. An excellent summary of the resulting controversy is here (and don’t miss Mrs. du Toit’s typically clear-headed comment). Geoff also says some smart things here.

    UPDATE: The Mrs. herself has more here, including a hilariously un-PC comment from DANEgerus.

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  • Live Brie or die

    Mark Steyn defends the French. Sorta. Billion drink alert.

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  • “Me too”

    The head waffle gets blasted by Cox and Forkum.

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  • Paging the Fict-U-Lizer(tm)

    Reuters says Uday and Qusay may have been found. Innnnteresting.

    It’s now confirmed: both are dead.

    UPDATE: My title was clearly telepathic or something, cuz here’s Steve H on the subject.

    UPDATE 2: The Emperor is also on the case.

    UPDATE 3: And here’s ScrappleFace.

    UPDATE 4: LGF also has an excellent thread with many fine comments.

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  • Hmmm.

    Kelley wants to know: what IS it with the German police and farm animals?

    Also, she names the Unmitigated Twat of the Week. A quite deserving one too.

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  • More programming notes

    Charles Johnson will be appearing on Dennis Prager’s radio show tomorrow (Wednesday July 22, 2003). The link gives details and a Windows Media stream.

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  • Ya know

    It’s not nice to make your poor African Grey look French.

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  • More info from the source, link via the [H].

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  • HSF Roundup

    Digital Daily has a roundup of heatsink/fans for socket A. Via the [H].

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  • Programming note

    Both Dennis Miller and Trading Spaces‘ Paige Davis (MPDP) will be on Jay Leno’s show this week. I don’t know what night(s) yet, so stay tuned.

    UPDATE: Dennis Miller will be on tomorrow night (Wednesday July 23), and Paige the night after that (Thursday July 24), according to the website.

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  • Q-Force

    John Cleese leading a team of elite commandos? Not quite, but ScrappleFace is involved.

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  • *scratch scratch*

    Den Beste says take it from me, EUrope just don’t understand.

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  • Roger Simon psychoanalyses the Beeb, with some Howell Raines for flavor.

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  • If Frank were President

    …this is what he’d say to the Donks and their allies in the media.

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  • Night Shift

    I’m off to sleep. Thanks for joining me for the late edition. Hope I made up for my slackiness last week at least a little. Did ya miss me? Did ya? More to come as always, stay tuned.

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  • Rachel Rocks!

    Thanks to the Emperor for reminding us all. Here’s what Rachel had to say (on the Tony Martin thing)…

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  • Gratuitous Politiskin

    Kim couldn’t resist… apparently neither could I.

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  • Death to Spyware!

    So swears Hudnall!

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  • Of Slanted Eyes and Broom Factories

    Treacher has the 411.

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  • White People BAD!

    Danegerus reminds us that white people are bad.

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