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Moving on

The war in Iraq is long gone, so I replaced the link to RWN’s War FAQ under “Special Features” with a new link to, which is a clearinghouse for news and talk about freeing Iran. Iran is definitely one of the “hot-button” issues now in the Middle East, with the mad mullahs getting increasingly freaked out and pro-freedom Iranians getting bolder.

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  • Tongue transplants

    Laurence keeps you updated on the latest medical science and suggests an application for it.

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  • Reminder

    Only 3 days left to sponsor the Three Amigos for Blogathon 2003. Give to any of the 3 or all of the 3, either way it helps Magen David Adom.

    Remember: Yasser Arafat, Jacques Chirac, and Kofi Annan will all weep if you sponsor these fine bloggers!


    I sponsored Laurence last year, and his amusing cat/bread videos were worth every penny. This year he’ll be showing how to make tasty pretzels, Michele will make you flash back, and I’m not sure yet what Meryl’s doing but it oughta be good.

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  • The return of Marv and Maynard

    First they co-star in a little piece on Lord of the Rings, and then they get a bunch of new toys. Marvin reacts to them roughly the same way Jay typically does.

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  • The cold shoulder for global warming

    More evidence that it’s all made up.

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  • Letter from Iraq

    Here’s what’s actually going on there.

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  • Another reason cats are evil

    Sometimes they bring in mice. Laurence hates meeses to pieces, ya know.

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  • Seat rage

    What *is* it with the Religion of Peace(tm) and assault rifles?

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  • Your third reminder

    Tonight (Wednesday July 23, 2003) at 11:35 PM EDT (10:35 CDT) Dennis Miller will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC-TV). Miss it at your peril.

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  • Season’s over, go home

    Here’s the final Trading Spaces recap for Season 3. Season 4 starts in August so it’s not a big break, and TS: Family is ongoing with new episodes, but hey. Anyway, this one has Hildi and Kia. Kia does the more tasteful room of the two. Really.

    UPDATE: This is the final recap by Deborah and P. Frinky ever – TWoP is dropping all TS coverage (including the forums) to save money. So go savor the snark while you still can.

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  • Humor Break

    Thanks to my friend John for this one. I’m sure it puts the fear into his little Marxist heart to know that I mentioned him here 🙂

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  • MIT Says ‘No’ to Subpoenas

    Check it out, the RIAA is gonna love this.

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  • Ooof

    Mark Steyn did NOT like the Hulk.

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  • Out-Franking Frank

    In Steve’s World(tm), Rumsfeld has a press conference and Condi shows up too.

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  • Roundup of the blinded

    Den Beste covers all the predictably stupid reactions to the demise of Uday and Qusay.

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  • Acting Stupid

    Here’s a great piece on a “racially charged” editorial cartoon. (Hat tip: OTB)

    UPDATE: Here’s more.

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  • Clinton supports Bush

    Bill Clinton says the uranium thing wasn’t GWB’s fault. The media reaction oughta be priceless on this one.

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  • Strategery

    Bush is going for the real black vote by bypassing the charlatans and race-baiters like Jesse Jackass and Kweisi Mfume.

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  • Ooh-rah!

    Buck the Marine goes to Liberia, with Chomps along for the ride.

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  • Hmm

    Now this is one well-armed parrot.

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  • A 3 hour tour?

    No sir, there’s no BBC bias at all.

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  • Commies win, Puerto Rico loses

    The base at Vieques is being closed now that they can’t do bomb tests there, since it serves no other purpose. This will remove $20+ million a year from the local economy. Nice going, Hillary!

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  • They know it

    Muslims are deliberately using multiculturalism and other “liberal” articles of faith against us. Part 1. Part 2.

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  • Duck and cover!

    The BBC’s scare quote generator has run wild. Look “out”!

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  • I couldn’t make this up

    Berkeley “scientists” “prove” that conservatives are “mentally ill”. I’m serious. (Hat tip: the puppy blender)

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