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Archive for October 3rd, 2003

Ta ta for now

I’m heading out for a friend’s wedding in wild and exotic El Paso. Be back late Sunday night, and Zeitgeist will probably try to entertain you until then.

Me? I’m taking Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver with. Nothing like a 1000 pager to keep you busy on plane trips.

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  • Sylvain Galineau at ChicagoBoyz has much more on my favorite subject, the decline of France.

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  • Sweet

    The Russians have killed Kyoto.

    The head of the Russian Academy of Scientists sys the only people who would be affected by the abandonment of Kyoto “would be several thousand people who make a living attending conferences on global warming”. Bwahahaha!

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  • Oh no

    It’s Friday, which means Ted Rall opened his mouth again. Luckily, Michele is ready.

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  • Answers

    Frank answers your burning questions. Or something. Monkeys are involved, as usual.

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  • Of course

    Human rights activists encouraged Nigerian prostitutes to lie about being raped by British military personnel. Misha’s got some words…

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  • Ahh, the UN

    They’re refusing to arrest a Zimbabwean accused of torture because it’d cost too much. Such moral clarity.

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  • Our friends…

    Did a senior Saudi official meet with the 19 the night before 9/11?

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  • Bad news for gun grabbers

    New study: looser gun laws don’t lead to higher crime / more injuries / more suicides. Kim du Toit will be on gloating in 5….

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  • Bizzaro world

    The usually liberal Slate has a pretty convincing defense of the Maha Rushie: statistically, McNugget is much worse than Tampa’s Brad Johnson, and he ain’t exactly hawking soup. OTOH, I’m still not convinced it’s a pure race play: the media more or less leave Daunte Culpepper alone despite his NFL-leading QB rating. Perhaps it’s his proximity to the man sportswriters consider Satan Himself, Randy Moss?

    Moreover, Bill Maher not only defends Rush, but he’s pretty funny doing so! (both via White Glenn)

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