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Archive for October 6th, 2003

Triple lutz

Den Beste springboards off a great Rich Lowry piece to further mock the Tranzis.

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  • BloggerCon: no pros

    BloggerCon went on with no conservatives in attendance. That’s pretty impressive really…

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  • Hee hee

    The lefties at get their own medicine back at ’em.

    PS: “Noah Weiner”? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

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  • It’s not a too-mah!

    In Frank’s World, Bush visits Arnold and gives him some advice.

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  • News from gun-free Britain

    Kathy’s on the case. White Glenn has more, including the news that US crime is down.

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  • Quagmire watch 2

    A man involved in the reconstruction visits home and is shocked by how bad the media reports are.

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  • Another interview

    John Hawkins has scored an interview with David Limbaugh. Includes coverage of Mel Gibson’s The Passion, which David has actually seen.

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  • The lip thing

    Steve H. has a great post about Bill n’ Hillary. It also goes on for a near-Whittlean length about beer, but that part isn’t as funny.

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  • Newark?

    Lileks has a much better travel story than me. Also, I had the same thought he did – Limbaugh’s ratings are gonna be awesome for the next several months. Maybe it’s a stunt by Clear Channel?

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  • Decisions

    Laurence has a choice in TV programming.

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  • Family and friends

    The usual suspects love the latest splodeydope.

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  • Quagmire watch

    The big media’s starting to notice that nobody believes their gloom-and-doom Iraq reporting.

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  • Baby got back

    I’m back. ObSteyn because Zg forgot the obvious place for good entertainment.

    ObTSAWhine: The whole “a certain percentage of passengers will be cavity-and-strip-searched” thing fails to work in your favor at extremely small airports like El Paso’s. (I didn’t actually get the full treatment, I just had to take my shoes off, because Richard Reid’s plan worked so well. A friend of mine who was next in line behind me wasn’t so lucky).

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