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Surfin’ USA

Here’s a great North Korean anti-US propaganda video. I especially like the use of a rock song with electric guitars in a verse/chorus/verse format to denounce the place where all of those things were invented. “Irony is the enemy of the (Post) modern Left”™, and don’t you forget it.

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  • The religion of pieces

    Here’s a must read article by a survivor of the Bali nightclub bombing.

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  • Hasta la vista, CNN

    Matt Welch has a great column on how Ah-nold is bypassing the normal media.

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  • Le shocker

    Den Beste says it’s often a good idea to ignore the Europeans. Mheh.

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  • Surprise!

    The new Nobel Peace Prize winner is anti-American and anti-Israel.

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  • Ok, perhaps nuking our own government wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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