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Heh heh

Chris Berman and Tom Jackson devoted several minutes of ESPN’s airtime tonight during NFL Primetime to discussing why Donovan McNabb sucks and Andy Reid (the Eagles’ coach) should bench him. Somewhere Rush Limbaugh is laughing his ass off.

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  • Huh

    Who knew that Denver’s #3 backup would be more competant than their #2? Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and Butt Fart lost too so it’s an excellent football Sunday 😉

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  • It’s not easy being red

    Here’s an amusing piece on Alan Colmes, who’s under vicious attack by liberals for not drooling on air while shouting “Bush lied! Oil died!”.

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  • With friends like the Saudis…

    Mark Steyn is on the case of the oil ticks.

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  • 24, not 40

    Damon always wins.

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  • Hee hee

    Bill Quick has a Misha-grade rant about France and the Donks.

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  • Culture, not religion?

    A few Taliban scragglers briefly set up a roadblock in Afghanistan and freaked out over all the sharia violations going on.

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  • Quick giggles

    Misha reads headlines so you don’t have to.

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  • Got one

    Yes, Virginia, there is a moderate Muslim. Naturally, he’s being smeared by CAIR and friends.

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