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Archive for October 21st, 2003

Mepham update

With Michele off the air, here’s a long detailed report on the Mepham football hazing story. (Via Obscure Store)

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  • Update

    Since these outages appear to be an ongoing thing, I’ve added a link to White Glenn’s backup site. Kinda amusing that Blogspot is now the stable safe harbor. Maybe that’s because Allah’s on it, and no mujahdeen dare touch it?

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  • Baby one more time

    Eugene Volokh emailed ESPN demanding TMQ back, and got a very strange reply.

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  • The Marmalade Revolt

    A story so dumb, it could only come from the EU. (Via The Corner)

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  • Have fear

    Truly, kufr, Allah is on fire again.

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  • Wacky Wacky Arabs

    Here’s a writer saying Mahathir isn’t wacky enough. (Incidentally, is anyone but me confusing him with the “I Kiss You!” guy?).

    BTW, it appears Hosting Matters is down again, so I’m collecting news where I can.

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  • Hippy boredom

    The ANSWER commies are having another anti-war protest this weekend. Strangely, the war was over a long time ago. Then again, this is the same crowd that’s still crying in their Starbucks about the 2000 election. (And if you think Ashcroft’s a civil liberties problem, try Tipper Gore and Joe Lieberman – between the two of them, all fun would be banned).

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  • Now I’ve seen everything

    It’s the Talking Ann Coulter action figure. Doesn’t look much like her though. The Talking Rummy on the same site looks more like him, but it doesn’t say “Raar!” or “I am the Rumsfeld Strangler” so I’m not sure what good it is. (Via Frank J.)

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  • Look at Dems scatter

    Arnold has some fun in Day by Day.

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  • No lower

    Cox and Forkum take on Mahathir.

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  • Oh good grief

    A Newsweek reporterette is complaining that the reporting from Iraq isn’t pushing the “quagmire” angle hard enough. What planet is she from?

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  • Heh

    OLV (a site I just had to check on today of all days) points out an amusing takedown of government schools.

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  • Seventh son…

    Acidman explains why his boy is named “Quinton”.

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  • Nice try, cretin

    Bush has dissed Chretien. Excellent.

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  • Earworms

    There’s now a scientific term for songs getting stuck in your head. Michele’s afflicted with a particularly unfortunate one.

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  • Go figure

    The FBI’s Arab translators are deliberately making errors by refusing to include anything that might make a Muslim look bad.

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  • MNF Deep Thoughts

    That was some finish. But mostly I just like hearing everyone have to pronounce “Marcus Tuiasosopo” (Oakland’s backup QB, who played the entire second half after Rich Gannon got sacked a few times and hurt his shoulder).

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