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Archive for October 26th, 2003


Here’s a real Rummy press briefing that’s quite interesting.

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  • Seasons greetings

    Here’s a special Ramadan blessing from Laurence Simon.

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  • You forgot dinner?

    Misha has an IDF conversation. Heh.

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  • Boom.

    Damon knows authentic Islamic culture.

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  • All of Italy is on strike

    And the implosion of EUrosocialism continues right on schedule. Milton Friedman gave the EU 25 years to live, but that’s starting to look optimistic.

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  • You already know what happens. (Additional comments here).

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  • Oh, Canada

    Threats were recieved regarding an El Al flight possibly being shot down by a rocket launcher. The launcher has now been found.

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  • McNabb update

    On this week’s Inside the NFL on HBO, Cris Carter went into an extended rant about how McNabb either is hiding an injury and should be benched or just plain blows and should be benched. The white guys on the set (Dan Marino and Chris Collinsworth) looked horrified and tried to defend McNabb, but nobody out-mouths Cris (take a Vikings fan’s word on that one).

    UPDATE: Terry Bradshaw just made the same argument on FOX NFL Sunday, to much less protest (you can’t argue with Terry’s QB credentials given his 4 Super Bowl rings, so nobody really put much effort in).

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  • Schroeder in big trouble

    Misha offers the appropriate level of sympathy.

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  • PS

    Congrats to Aquatic Jihad for defeating the Steinbrennerist entity!

    UPDATE: ScrappleFace says George will not be denied.

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  • Heh

    Criminal immigrants are being deported. The AP is seething and whining. Misha’s all over ’em.

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  • The true enemy

    Remember kids, General Boykin is not the enemy.

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  • The new axis of evil

    Here’s some leaders prized by Egyptian shaheed. I think you’ll be as unsurprised as I am to learn who made the list.

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