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Archive for November 16th, 2003

Fair and balanced

Here’s an interview with PJ O’Rourke, who’s been wandering around Iraq and Kuwait. (Via White Glenn)

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  • The media’s #1 choice

    Karl Rove wants Dean, the DNC wants Clark, and guess who the media want?

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  • Not doing well on consistency either

    The left just keeps picking a loser.

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  • “H” this

    Kate’s got a full day’s worth of reading in just one post.

    Also, don’t miss this. Good farkin’ grief.

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  • Music to have Holocausts by

    Greek composer Mikis Theodarkis has discovered the secret cause of all misery in the world. I won’t even give clever hints, because I’m sure you know already what his conclusion is.

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  • Allah’s pants

    Clearly they’re a subject of concern in Saudi-controlled Arabia.

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  • special

    the chef recommends



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