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Dean-O #5

Allah has put in some extra time with the infidel Photoshop, kufr.

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  • Wow.

    Glenn busts out some serious clarity about the Pallies. I’m a bit surprised to see talk that straight on the subject from someone other than Charles or Tom, but it’s certainly welcome.

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  • Sanctions worked so well

    Finally we have real proof of illegal arms smuggling under the Iraqi sanctions imposed by the UN.

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  • Pocket pool

    The Grey Lady has an office pool going about a possible “October Surprise”. Weren’t they among the many who were up in arms about the Pentagon’s proposed “terror futures market”?

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  • Important tips for celebrations

    Scott Ott brings ’em from Tom Ridge. Or something.

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  • New Year

    Cox & Forkum skip out on Dean to bring you the new year.

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  • Wrap-up

    RWN has picked the top 10 DU quotes of 2003. Heh.

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  • The Ford Foundation loves Allah

    No doubt this will cause a rise in his pants. It’s Not Good otherwise though.

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  • The Western Disease

    Another keeper from VDH.

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  • Judeophobia

    A great bit via Tom on Euro-socialists and why they always support losers.

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  • The Hillary Problem

    Den Beste has more on the demise of the Donks.

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  • Mullahs exposed

    Kathy has a great roundup of stuff about the Iranian earthquake.

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  • Screed ahoy

    Lileks opens up with both barrels on the “no blood for oil” crowd.

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  • Many faces, one wack-job

    Cox & Forkum continue to mine the rich vein of Howard Dean.

    Meanwhile Chris Muir’s on the same kick.

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  • Hey, hey, hey, I’m guil-ty

    …and other one-hit wonders of the mid-90s. Anyway, Misha takes care of a looney columnist who wants Saddam to be freed.

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  • Pre-pare to-meet your-dooooom!

    Not so fast, Howell Raines. Mark Steyn takes on the media’s fascination with doom and gloom.

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  • Dean: “flailing like a loser”

    Also, The Hillary Terror.

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  • The Church of England itself no longer matters, but traditional Anglicans in Africa push onward without gay bishops or “the angel Gabriel was sent to Muhammed” type revisionism.

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  • Wheels keep on turnin’

    France continues to be embroiled in scandals.

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  • This ought get the multi-culties in a tizzy. Heh heh.

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  • The cure for France

    …is Poland and Eastern Europe. Go figure.

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  • Bad news for Bloomberg

    Baghdad now has a lower murder rate than New York.

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  • More Dean

    Steve H. can’t believe him. Heh.

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  • in the USA. Wheee.

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  • Under the sleeves

    Damon exposes Howard Dean.

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