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Archive for June 5th, 2004


Ronald Wilson Reagan is dead at 93.

Michele has collected some of his greatest hits over at The Command Post.

Wretchard has a fine poem that’s quite relevant.

IoT will have a black background and a special logo for the remainder of the weekend in his honor.

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  • Personal responsibility

    The two most devauled words in modern English? Juliette looks at one common example.

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  • In one ear, out the other

    The Pope bitched out Bush about Abu Gharib, while simultaneously promoting Cardinal Law. Talk about your moral inversions.

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  • This should be a caption contest

    Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti shows his, err, not pearly not whites.

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  • At least somebody is

    Iraqis are getting cheap gas now.

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  • The other side

    Unidentified media folks are being questioned after camping out beforehand at the scene where a bomb went off as a US convoy passed by.

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