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Archive for June 13th, 2004

Live Fisking

Chris does a Misha-grade job on this one. Bravo!

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  • Bitter pill

    Boston’s got some serious buyer’s remorse about landing the Donk convention. It’s going to shut down all of downtown for several days, among other problems.

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  • Reagan, once more

    Mark Steyn says the American people and Maggie Thatcher understand. And someday maybe the media and professors will too.

    Plus, Steyn on Canadian politics. Even if you don’t know all the players, he still makes it entertaining.

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  • Wow

    Frnak’s got the hookup with Michelle Malkin. Cool.

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  • Benzadrine, uh-huh

    Damon thinks the media is the real enemy. I can’t argue.

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  • From behind it devours

    Wretchard says that facts about the past are the #1 enemy of Marxism.

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