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Archive for June 30th, 2004

MPDP goes Cookoo

Kevin’s got the pictures to prove it. (Probably NSFW, but you know you wanna look anyway).

(For those who weren’t at least at one time seriously into Trading Spaces, MPDP is “Mindy Paige Davis Page”, hostess of that show. She usually goes by the more manageable “Paige Davis”).

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  • Whee

    Ralph Nader: Washington is under the eeevil control of “the Israeli Puppeteer”.

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  • “It’s us, now”

    Today’s must read, via Juliette.

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  • But wait, there’s Moore

    Pat Buchanan has a new book coming out that sounds surprisingly like Michael Moore’s. Hint: if you don’t know the code, “neoconservative” can generally be replaced by “Joooooooo” in anti-war usage.

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  • King Fahd

    Mark Steyn offers UK readers a preview of that movie.

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