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Laurence started the “if you could only read 10 blogs off your roll” meme, and other folks are already trying to misassign credit. Regardless, here’s my top 10 daily must-reads. No offense to those left off, and these sites are in no particular order:

UPDATE: Now with links!

  • This Blog Is Full Of Crap
  • (what, you thought I’d steal Lair’s meme and not mention him?)

  • Little Green Footballs
  • (Osama doesn’t want you to read this site)

  • Day By Day
  • (not actually a blog, but so what)

  • Ace of Spades HQ
  • (because I need more cowbell)

  • Babalu Blog
  • (Cuba will clean up nicely, someday, and I’d love to see it)

  • WizBang!
  • (politics *and* gossip!)

  • Dean Esmay
  • (always a good read even when we disagree)

  • protein wisdom
  • (either you get Jeff’s sense of humor or you don’t)

  • Dr. Frank on Suicide Girls
  • (fascinating music/pop culture links from the best punk singer/songwriter you’ve never heard of)

  • Instapundit
  • (no longer quite the center of the universe, but still essential)

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  • Even better than Ask the Cats

    Laurence has new photo-essays covering Bolton’s first day at the UN and Pallie police exercises.

    Yet, you can also Ask the Cats about the Zionist bananas.

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  • Got it right

    Val’s proud to be a hatemonger. No, really.

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  • Wordless

    Well-known moonbat professor Juan Cole says there’s no war on terror and it’s just a few guys that are the enemy. Michael Totten demolishes that argument using only pictures. Awesome.

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  • Yikes

    Steve has more handy warnings about today’s modern post-feminist woman. But it doesn’t really get shocking until you read the link provided by Allah in the first comment.

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  • Impossible mission?

    John from Wuzzadem makes Al Gore’s new TV station entertaining. Really.

    (The real thing is channel 366 on DirecTV if you’re having trouble sleeping).

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  • Photojournalism

    Lair covers Bolton’s appointment and of course he HAS to get in on the evil Zionist banana thing.

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  • Appeasement and Lenin

    Jeff discovers the “European Model” that we’re all supposed to emulate.

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  • Facial tics?

    Zed wants you to just come out and say it.

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  • Balls back off

    Misha has disturbing news from the UK.

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  • The example of Muhammed

    Here’s something you won’t read every day.

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  • special

    the chef recommends



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