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Archive for August 6th, 2005

Everyone loves a good contest

Make a bumper sticker for Error America.

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  • What it’s about

    A special reminder from Piper.

    And another Ask the Cats.

    And another, this one sort of recursive.

    Plus, ask them about treats.

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  • What am I reading?

    Done: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Absolutely fantastic – the best-written of the 6 books so far. The much-touted major death isn’t really as much of a surprise as a lot of the other elements, and #7 should be one heck of a firecracker. To summarize, the book fills in almost all of Voldemort’s back story and sets up the means of his ultimate destruction, but he is not the titular half-blood prince (and neither is Harry Potter).

    Starting: The Fair Tax Book by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder (R, Georgia). Simply put, if you want to destroy Marxism forever in this country, support the Fair Tax Bill (which has been introduced into the last 6 sessions of Congress with growing support each time – the latest version had over 40 co-sponsors).

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  • Good grief

    The NCAA has banned Indian-themed mascots, names, and uniforms from tournaments. What a bunch of gutless pansies.

    PS: The ‘Hawk shows up in the comments. Drink alert.

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  • Getting the plot

    Misha thinks Tony Blair’s got it, but he doesn’t have much hope for our domestic proclaimer of the Religion of Peace.

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  • And they’re off

    The Blogathon’s in progress. Here’s some more Edloe pictures, plus Ask the Cats™ about the weather.

    PS: I’m not gonna liveblog everything Laurence posts, go see for yourself what’s up.

    PPS: But here’s a new jumbo-sized Ask the Cats.

    PPS2: Ask ’em again! And again!

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  • Global warming

    Damon’s not convinced. Personally I think the Weather Channel is creating these hurricanes.

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  • Words do matter

    Cox & Forkum’s obit for Steven Vincent.

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  • Meanwhile

    The BBC stacked the studio audience for a “town hall” show on terrorism with Muslims, and people noticed.

    Plus, Tony Blair’s announced a crackdown on Islamokazis.

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  • special

    the chef recommends



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