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Watching the watchmen

Mark Steyn wants a 9/11 Commission Commission.

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  • You knew it was coming

    Cindy Sheehan is blaming the Jooooooooooooooooos. This has earned her public support from David Duke. Nice friends, Ms. Sheehan!

    Plus, you can Ask the Cats™ about her. Piper wins.

    And Cox & Forkum bust out a Sunday cartoon on the subject.

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  • It’s a pretty scathing indictment of Donkocratic policy.

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  • Finally getting serious

    Bush says no options are “off the table” regarding Iran. The EUnuchs insist that not only is everything off the table, but there is no table.

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  • Makin’ copies

    Damon can. You can’t.

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  • Round and round

    The 9/11 Commission has gone from “we’ve never heard of Able Danger” to “we were briefed about it but it wasn’t important“. Oh, so intelligence nailing Mohammed Atta as al-Q in 1999 is “not important”? The fact that the Clinton Justice Department refused to allow that information to go to the FBI is “not important”? You’d think by now these people would realize the coverup makes them look stupider than the crime.

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  • Me too!

    Yes, George over @ Misha’s nails it.

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