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Archive for August 16th, 2005

Val’s wife rocks

‘Nuff said.

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  • A great listen

    Ace has an extended segment on his net radio show today with Robert Spencer from JihadWatch. It’s well worth the listen – at 5 minutes after any hour for the rest of this evening you can go to and click the channel button for “Hoist the Black Flag”.

    “Both Jews and Christians are stated in the Koran as coming under the ‘curse of Allah'”.

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  • Truth to power

    Boortz explains the Pallies in plain language. CAIR, who I heard pay someone to listen to his show and get outraged, are really not gonna like this.

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  • Not getting away with it this time

    30 years ago, people just believed it when Walter Cronkite spun the Tet Offensive, one of America’s biggest military victories ever, as a complete failure. Now, we can “fact check their ass”, and newspapers and even the AP are taking notice.

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  • On the radio

    Boortz: “Oh, look, CNN has Cindy Sheehan on again. If they love her so much, why don’t they have sex with her? (beat) Ewwwww!”

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  • Inadvertant entertainment

    The ‘Hawk checked his logs and found out what searches caused people to click on his site.

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  • We have the technology

    Damon says all things will be possible.

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  • Bye bye birdie

    Cox & Forkum on disengagement.

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