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Archive for October 4th, 2008

T.O. meltdown proceeding

Fully 1/3rd of Dallas offensive plays were throws to T.O. in their last game but he’s whining that they aren’t giving him the ball. Double-J says don’t worry, they’ll throw to him even more in the next game. I predict a loss of hilarious proportions.

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  • Tragedy almost strikes

    And the Onion is there.

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  • Chicken soup for… pandas?

    Apparently it’s a good stress reducer for them. Any pandas that try to take mine are in trouble though.

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  • OJ Simpson guilty on all counts

    This is from his armed robbery of a Vegas memorabilia dealer. Still, it’s sure to tie him up from his search for the “real killers”.

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  • UK Sharia watch

    A Muslim pharmacist is refusing to sell “morning-after pills”. If anti-abortion Christians tried this they’d be fired. But of course that’s not happening here.

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