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Possibly meaningless stat of the day

West coast teams are winless in games played on the east coast. Of course, the fact that those teams are the Raiders, 49ers, and Seahawks doesn’t help.

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  • Ghostbusters hit Vegas

    The Ecto-1 was on display at the annual SEMA show for car accessories and modders. Zuul could not be reached for comment.

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  • Bad idea

    Microsoft’s showing a bus where every rider has a PC. Because that won’t end in theft, damage, or pr0n.

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  • Cool: thin-film flexible solar cells

    They’re missing the recent advances in efficiency we’ve noted here for more conventional ones, but more research can’t be a bad thing.

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  • Lame

    There was a very small KKK march in Knoxville, TN yesterday. The morons themselves show up in the comments for added unintentional hilarity.

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  • Awww

    The market for carbon offset credits is collapsing. Penn and Teller are wanted for questioning, I’m sure.

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  • Trial balloon of the day

    Maybe Obama’s deal with Hillary was that he’s going to use all Clinton retreads on the cabinet? But seriously, Gorelick’s plenty disqualified on other grounds.

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  • Your tax money, uhh, we don’t know

    The Treasury won’t say exactly where all this bailout money is going. I’m sure that’ll give everyone a good feeling.

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  • Too soon

    A small group is apparently trying to gin up support for a national Obama holiday.

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