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Don’t cross Jack del Rio

In addition to all this you never know when he might have Mike Tice stab you with a pencil. I’m just saying.

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  • Playoffs?!

    Yes, for the first time in forever, the Arizona Cardinals might be in the playoffs. Denny Green could not be reached for comment.

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  • Need scissors

    Thousands of Americans are hurt every year opening those annoying “clamshell” clear plastic packages. But there is hope.

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  • Curry in space

    An Indian unmanned probe landed successfully on the moon. Cool.

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  • Why an auto bailout wouldn’t work

    Besides the obvious example of when the UK tried to do the same thing, the UAW/Detroit automakers pay nearly twice as much per hour in total salary and benefits as Toyota and nearly 3 times as much as the entire rest of the US manufacturing sector.

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  • And they did it on behalf of the media. Fantastic.

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