Obama’s new ad (coming after the 4th time this year he’s promised to “take the gloves off”) mocks McCain for being unable to use a computer because he’s old (and yes, the AARP demographic has already taken notice). As a quick Google will reveal, McCain physically can’t type due to injuries from the “Hanoi Hilton”.

This whole Obama thing has *got* to be a put-on by the DNC. Any minute Allen Funt will pop out and they’ll announce the real ticket is Hillary Clinton and Phil Bredesen (or Mark Warner) or something, right?

UPDATE: Obama’s pulled the ad from the Internet and TV.
UPDATE 2: … or not. It’s still on his official website, at least.
UPDATE 3: Whoa. I didn’t realize I got Insty’d. And yes, I was goofing off with the Candid Camera riff, but this campaign season lends itself to that.
UPDATE 4: Allah did some digging and found out that the ad’s even dumber: McCain does read email and websites but he has to dictate replies to his wife Cindy, who types them. And Jonah Goldberg has more to say.