Glenn Beck now decides what’s news, not the Sulzberger family. And this (from the comments) is the most effective slam of the Dems’ current slide into corporatism and regulatory capture I’ve ever read. The next time I hear word one about the awfulness of Palin or Bachmann or whoever I’m just gonna copy/paste it.

The funny/sad thing is that prior to the 1960’s Fox would have been a Democrat associated outlet and Palin would have been a Democrat. Loud vulgarity is the very essence of America and American politics. At every revolutionary junction in history, you find loud, crude Americans overturning the world to the utter horror of the elites (especially European ones). There’s a reason why Ragtime, Jazz, the Blues, Rock and Rap started in America and not Europe.

Prior to the 1960’s, Democrats not only identified ordinary Americans but venerated them. How times have changed. Now Democrats don’t want to listen to anyone who didn’t go to an Ivy League and earns less than six figures.