Glenn notes that very few non-lefty blogs run BlogAds. He’s too polite, but I’ll give the obvious* reasons this is so:

1) The ads are almost all *for* lefty stuff. And unlike Laurence, I’m not enough of a whore to take the ACLU’s money.
2) Most of the major right/center blogs have an attractive hand-coded layout (by e.g. Stacy Tabb or Charles Johnson) with no place for ads.
3) Everyone knows righties are evil rich white guys who can afford hosting without ads.
4) Everyone knows lefties love spending other peoples’ money.
5) Smart people of all political stripes use Total Choice Hosting and get great personal service at amazing prices like we do so they don’t need ads.

* – this list is not intended as a compelling truthful argument, folks taking it seriously will be laughed at