Here’s a, err, contribution from James Marsters, “Spike” on Buffy and Angel. If you can figure out what the hell he’s on about, please let me know. I dub this Most Incoherant Political Statement By An Actor, Ever.

Q: I was wondering what are you views on the current political climate? And, if you could change anything, what would you change?

JM: George Bush. If he was a man… if he was a man… he would go to Iraq and he would have them cut his hands off. And he’d bleed out in the desert and say, “If there’s an Iraqi who wants to save my life, you do it, but I’m not going to let anyone but an Iraqi do it.” If he did that, MAYBE they could forgive us. But he’s a wimp. The whole problem is… the whole problem is they’re a bunch of cowards and what they’re doing is… They’re like, “we’re done”, you know? Like… meet the security guys around here. They don’t have to prove they’re tough. They know they can kick ass. It’s the wimps, man… And if there was a MAN in the White House, we’d be out of this whole situation. It’d be all cool. But there’s not a man there. Bunch of old boys.”