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Allah says the EUnuchs are nervous because their whole anti-Bush plan is blowing up in their faces.

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  • Mothers Against Kerry

    Here’s a good put-down of the ketchup princess.

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  • The other record

    B.C. notes that when you examine his Senate record, Kerry’s wanting to run on Vietnam starts to make sense.

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  • Kerry’s a “but” man

    James Taranto finds something interesting in the transcript of last night’s debate. (If you’ve already read today’s Lileks linked below you’ll find it especially interesting).

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  • U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Resigns

    Amit Yoran gave one day’s notice before quitting, saying that he “felt the timing was right to pursue other opportunities.” Opportunities like, say, being paid off by the DNC to quit during the run-up to the election? There’s no mention or proof of that, but it sure makes one suspicious.

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  • One For the WTF File

    Check out this story about an “explosive… (and) restorative” beverage.

    Mr Camara says that unlike China where the tea originates, he ferments his brew for eight days.

    A local herb quinqueliba, some syrup, 20 packets of tea bags, sugar and honey are added to the concoction.

    “After eight days we can drink it. It gives a tonic-like flavour and this is good for man’s organism,” Mr Camara says.

    The establishment’s master al-Qaeda tea drinker calls himself “Saddam Hussein”, after the former Iraqi leader, and says he downs up to five litres a day.

    What is or isn’t good for “man’s organism” aside, I can only shake my head.

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  • Is there in truth no beauty?

    Not if you live under the Castrohitler™. (And frankly, I think that’s a far more fitting place to attach that name than Bush).

    That waste of space needs to die already so us non-omnipotent turistas can check that stuff out.

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  • Scooping CBS

    Now that they’re doing e-mail based journalism, the Commissar has moved on to their obvious next big story.

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  • Mars needs women

    The ‘Hawk explains why everyone should advertise on his site.

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  • Not so fast, Typewriter Joe

    A professor claimed to offer evidence that Dan Rather was right all along. Unfortunately he left the .PSD (that would be a Photoshop file) used to create the “evidence” in plain sight on his web space. Wizbang is all over the resulting brouhaha.

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  • All the debate you need to know

    Frank hits this one out of the park.

    Now we need an IMW debate, where the moderator looks angry…very angry.

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  • More conservative than you think

    Mark Steyn explains some things for foreigners. 8x drink alert for a certain reference.

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  • Almost

    Scott Ott says how Kerry won. And it’s not how he’d want to.

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  • Whoomph!

    Lileks torches Kerry, the Muslims, and pretty much everything in sight.

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  • Pop quiz

    Cox & Forkum aptly illustrate Kerry’s “global test”.

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  • Exactly

    Val calls it.

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  • Scoring the debates

    Hugh Hewitt has a scorecard.

    UPDATE: Kerry had three major miscues in the debate: one (“let’s give nukes to the mullahs!”) we already had heard before. The other was a bit stranger. And the third? “I’ll defend America, if it passes a global test”. WTF?!

    Interestingly, lots of people (and the polls) are scoring this as a win for Kerry. I’m not seeing it. Bush came across as a normal man, while Kerry radiated “stuffy rich guy who’s about to call you ‘Jeeves’ and demand you pull his Rolls around the side of the house”.

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  • Reminder

    Live debunking of Kerry is available courtesy of in this post of ours.

    UPDATE: the server that gadget was on overloaded and was affecting our page load times so I’ve temporarily turned it off.

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  • Oh my

    I just caught Glenn Reynolds and “Wonkette” on CNBC. Glenn was trying to discuss serious issues with the hosts and Wonkette wanted to go on about being drunk. Why does anyone read this woman?

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  • MvM

    That would be Michele vs. Moore. You know who wins.

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  • TRUTH!

    Someone let Puce post again. 4x drink alert.

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  • “Africa Town”?

    Apparently in Detroit they want to make it illegal for non-blacks to own businesses. Or something. The plan’s so bizzare I don’t quite understand it.

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  • Marv’s speech

    …is better than Kerry’s.

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  • Fizzles

    The pre-debate debate between fan-favorite Michele Catalano and author Neal Pollack is posted here. Given the billing ahead of time of Neal as a “thinking leftist” I can’t help but to be disappointed – every single thing he said was straight outta Michele could’ve mopped the floor with him had she not had to, err, mop the floor.

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  • Hah

    The House approved a bill killing all of DC’s gun bans.

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