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Picture == 1 million words

This is why Dubya listens to the women in his life.

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  • Fighting back

    Tim Blair has a new way to fight al-Guardian’s attempts to influence the US elections.

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  • Iraqis are getting really mad now

    …at the ‘insurgents’. Hey, Michael Moore, how are your “minutemen” now?

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  • Now it’s transparent

    The DNC “manual” for operatives on how to whine and sue if Kerry loses was leaked to Drudge.

    Here’s an LGF thread on the news.

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  • Enemy territory

    Glenn speaks truth to al-Guardian readers.

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  • No fury like a mother

    Lynne Cheney is furious about Kedwards’ attempts to politicize her daughter.

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  • Indeed

    Mark Steyn‘s debate reaction isn’t linkable, so I’ll just quote it here.

    1) Bob Schieffer is a terrible moderator: The questions are so much worse and so much more pompous than those from audience members last week. That lame-o “poverty” question is a classic: It’s fair enough to talk about poverty, but the assumption that the way to lessen poverty is to increase the minimum wage is reflexive leftie laziness.
    2) “Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?” Do you believe choosing dumb questions is a choice or socially conditioned by 73 years in the CBS newsroom?
    3) I’m beginning to reckon this weird obsession by Kerry-Edwards on bringing up Dick Cheney’s gay daughter every time can’t be anything other than a covert pitch for the bigot vote. You can almost feel their frustration that it’s a cute looking lesbian and not some queeny guy. Leave other people’s kids out of it. Bush doesn’t bring up Kerry’s daughter wearing a see-through dress to the Cannes Film Festival and oilily profess how much he admires they way they still love her even though she showed her breasts to the entire world.
    4) I’m kinda debated out. Has either side got anything it really wants to debate with the other? On most issues, we’ve nothing to say. On others – illegal immigration – both sides are full of it. If we’re going to have stilted fake contests, the third round should have been WWF.
    5) Kerry: “That’s how you gain legitimacy with your own country people.” Country people? Friends, Romans, country people, lend me your tin ears.
    6) Bob Schieffer: “The three of us are all married to strong women.” Maybe next time yours could moderate the debate.
    7) Memo to Kerry: When you’re asked about your wife, don’t talk about your mother. And isn’t there something weird about your mother on her deathbed feeling the need to remind you about integrity?
    VERDICT: BUSH: If he’d been like this in the first debate, we’d be in 42-state blowout territory.

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  • Kerry vs. suicide bombers

    Frank drew another cartoon. Run for your lives, etc.

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  • Without honor

    Looks like Kerry’s discharge from the Navy might have been not so honorable. Now it becomes clear why Kerry won’t release his military records.

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  • Hey, Danny Glover

    Why is it that folks who escape from the “island paradise” are always much happier once they’re here?

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  • Meanwhile…

    Jews for Socialism (or something like that) have made a really awful cartoon making fun of the President. Roger’s headline covers it nicely. Kerry, better for Israel? Riiiight.

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  • Democrats gone wild

    Michelle Malkin has a roundup.

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  • Bicycle safety

    Charles has an excellent picture of what not to do. Starting with various crimes against fashion – red and yellow?!

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  • Lileks for Senate!

    Hey, I’d vote for him. But apparently Gnat wouldn’t, and the mysterious paper towel lobby would back the DFLer as well.

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  • Debate update

    I didn’t watch ‘em live or in their entirety (the TiVo was serving up new episodes of MythBusters, Rescue Me, and Inside the NFL this evening), so this quick assessment is based on some post-debate channel flipping and a few clicks around the blogs.

    Most seem to agree Bush won and the moderator (SeeBS News’ Bob Schieffer) was so obviously biased you could follow the strings from his head to Dan Rather in the rafters. Seriously, the strings are less visible in Team America, where part of the joke is that you can see them.

    An interesting dissent was from toe-sucking Clintonista Dick Morris on Hannity and Colmes, who insisted that Kerry won because of the subject matter even though Bush’s performance was better. Wesley Clark also appeared on H&C and got pummeled by Sean Hannity – I think he’s finally learned something from Ann Coulter. The Littlest General was reduced to babbling repeatedly that “John Kerry was in Vietnam”, which I’m sure is a stunning revelation for everyone. Next it may come out that he has a plan…

    PS: Bush had two priceless lines this evening. A shot across SeeBS’ bow:

    BUSH: In all due respect, I’m not so sure it’s credible to quote leading news organizations about — oh, nevermind.

    And this gem:

    As a matter of fact, your record is such that Ted Kennedy, your colleague, is the conservative senator from Massachusetts.

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  • Live debate-blogging

    James Joyner will be on the horse again. Looks like Powerline’s taking the night off though.

    UPDATE: LaShawn’s on it too, and she has a ton of links to others if she’s not your speed.

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  • Glossary of terms

    Frank J. teaches things you might hear at the debate.

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  • Braaaains

    Edwards promised yesterday that if elected, Christopher Reeve will walk again. (Make your own zombie/Evil Dead/Resident Evil joke here).

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  • Mheh

    It’s official: Kos, the DU, and the readers of Salon hate Parker and Stone. Me? I saw the sneak preview last week and I’m going to see it at least once again this weekend, possibly twice.

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  • Insensitivity

    The Donks pretty much own it these days.

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  • Letter to the goonions

    Bush-Cheney ’04 Inc. has an open letter to the head of the AFL-CIO.

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  • Stolen concepts

    al Guardian whinged that they can’t vote in the US election (because they’d have to be Americans, and eww). Tim Blair made a joke that they should spam US voters. Now they’re actually doing it.

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  • Equal time?

    An Irish Times reader demands that someone “balance out” Mark Steyn. Steyn of course nukes the seesaw instead.

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  • The list

    Scott Ott knows Kerry’s ultimate plan.

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  • Iwo Jima

    Frank gets out-Franked by Zell Miller. Seriously.

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