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Maw, it’s time for a lynchin’

It turns out that not only do terminally smug Northeastern lefties like disasters, they blame them all on the Bushitler™.

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  • Go figure

    Remember the “yellowcake” “lie”? The plot just gets thinner.

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  • Indeed

    Russ says not to get cocky.

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  • Double shot

    Lileks fisks his own employer, and then throws in all too typical Northeastern liberal Art Spiegelman.

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  • Body bags

    Mark Steyn on the Russian school massacre.

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  • Back on, I think

    Power came on about 1:10, died, came back on, and then died for an hour. Now it’s been back for about 10 minutes so I think it’s OK. Like with Charley, the cable was already working when I got power back, so kudos to Bright House Networks/Road Runner. As noted by Zg, no interesting damage was sustained – one small tree in my front yard ended up severely crooked so my yard guy threw it into a chipper, and a section of my wooden back fence fell over, but things are OK otherwise.

    PS: With the off-by-one-letter-from-being-tastefully-named “Ivan” coming, anyone know where I can FedEx a generator? I’m serious.

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  • A Story About Birds

    Peter David relates a great Firefly anecdote.

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  • Update From the Terran Bunker

    Ian wanted me to pass on that he is doing well and that there has been no real damage to his area. He will be back on and blogging later today with any luck.

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  • Warner Bros. Rejects Documentary

    Warner Brothers rejected a documentary on war that was to be included with the dvd release of the Gulf War movie ‘Three Kings’ . The studio expected it to be a followup on the lives of the Iraqi extras and advisers who helped make the film, not a ‘…polemic about war.’ The director is quoted as saying that even though his Iraqi friends and human rights activists say that the world is better off without Saddam, he is not sure that the world is better off having had the war. Logic apparently eludes this man. Not surprisingly he plans to release the “documentary” right before the election and hopes to do so with help from moro– er

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  • *Sigh*

    …and there goes the power for likely the remainder of the storm. Seeya later….

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  • So far, so good, so what

    Still doing good, power’s still on, maybe I should get some sleep since the big show is tomorrow.

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  • Ahh, our distinguished elders

    John Glenn is now in full-on “Bush=Hitler” mode. Disappointing.

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  • Move this

    The 11 PM advisory from NWS is capital-B Bad: the thing is going to take 12 hours to move inland about 30-40 miles, and then accelerate a bit (but not enough for my tastes). On the plus side that means the current non-horrible weather up here on the north edge of the hurricane is going to remain as-is until at least 8-9 AM tomorrow morning. On the minus side that means it’s gonna take even longer to get rid of this thing. It also means damage where it’s making landfall is going to be off the scale and break all previous records.

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  • Power just flickered briefly, but it seems to be OK for the moment. Still very little rain/wind here (I’m on the extreme east side of Apopka. Orange County is kind of a stylized L-shape, I’m in the part sticking straight up at the eastern edge, near the top). I hate this overnight thing – it’s going to be nearly impossible to sleep because they expect it to be worst between like midnight tonight and 3 PM tomorrow (falling off hopefully after that).

    UPDATE (10:14 PM): the center’s finally making landfall down in Stuart/Vero Beach/West Palm.

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  • Still quiet

    Just some drizzle on and off. It’s pretty nasty out on the coast though (especially down near West Palm and Vero Beach), and they’ve been showing plenty of “reporters getting blown around like leaves” footage to prove it.

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  • Storm update

    Nice and quiet between bands again. It was heavy for a while a bit earlier, but that settled down nicely, at least ’til the next one comes. OTOH, the newest forecasts say the thing may not be gone until Monday morning. What a wreck of a holiday weekend. Somebody put an outboard motor on that thing and get it movin’!

    UPDATE: The latest track gets it out into the Gulf by mid-afternoon tomorrow which is a marked improvement. Still, this sucks. Power just went out, then on, then out longer, now it’s back on. Whee.

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  • Donk dirty tricks at it again

    Check out this misleading ad being run in Georgia by the DNC.

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  • Free speech

    …is an interesting concept for lefties these days. (Via Glenn).

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  • Happy belated birthday

    …to Clare Kramer, aka everyone’s favorite Buffy villan Glory.

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  • Mheh

    Moxie reports on the hopefully impending demise of the ketchup princess’s campaign.

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  • On the scene

    Folks outside Florida can see our local (Orlando) coverage on WESH Channel 2, WKMG Channel 6, or WFTV Channel 9. I believe all 3 are providing free streams of their coverage so you can see exactly what I’m seeing on the teevee.

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  • Back for now

    Power’s on again. Thank you Progress Energy!

    A major squall just went through (the juice came back right as it was pounding the hardest, so those linemen deserve a raise) but it’s quieting down again.

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  • Murphy’s Law

    Power just went out. We’ll see if it comes back. Shutting down…

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  • Waiting is the hardest part

    Depending which teevee station you listen to the thing has either slowed down to 3 MPH or stopped entirely. In the latter case I expect it to suddenly veer towards Miami given Steve H’s incredible sarcasm about it.

    A roundup of some folks blogging the storm is at Kathy’s place.

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  • Frances update

    First feeder band came through – some nice winds and briefly heavy rain, but now the sun’s out again. Apparently it won’t even make landfall until after midnight now.

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