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Irony is the enemy of the post-modern left(tm)

Could be. Link via [H]ardOCP.

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  • Fear ye not

    This is the season of coach firings, but the football gods are still on the job, and so is TMQ.

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  • Amusement

    If you missed Lileks’ post that touches on Christmas toy construction earlier in the week, do yourself a favor and go back and read it now. Where else can you find the phrase ‘horny crack-addicted howler monkey’ used to such humorous effect? There will be a quiz later. p.s. — if that phrase isn’t enough for you, how about this one? “I had the feeling I should be swindling a man out of a railroad between courses.”

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  • Michelle Malkin’s got it covered. Also her latest column is available here and is, as always, worth your time.

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  • Liberal Iraqi

    Michael J. Totten has some info about a new blogger that you might want to check out. He has some interesting stuff to say and some of it you will never hear from the mainstream media in this country. Check out Michael’s post and then check out the source.

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  • Steyn on Christmas ‘Purge’

    Not much to say, except go now and read.

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  • Glenn links to Nick Coleman’s attack column in the Minnneapolis Star Tribune and the responses from Powerlineblog. Nick only succeeds in making himself look like a crazed Moonbat, but its fun to watch. Check ‘em all out in one convenient and easy to click pack o’ links.

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  • Bush Wins!

    Ha… in case you missed the latest Ohio recount, Bush still won.

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  • NanoLub

    I meant to post this yesterday but didn’t have the time. Israel has developed a really cool lubricant based on spherical inorganic nanoparticles. Just another Jew plot to thwart Arab/Muslim oil interests? You decide.

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  • American Idiots

    I refer, of course, to Green Day. This one’s a couple of days old but its been on my mind and probably on some of your minds as well. The idiocy of our entertainment folk on full display: voila (French word used on purpose ;)). Warning: Comic Nerd side-Rant ahead. Heck, last night I was reading about Peter David coming back to the Hulk for a six issue run that was originally to be a miniseries. He describes the run as (I paraphrase slightly), ‘Shakespeare’s the Tempest set on Monster Island, with Bruce Banner as bluestate America and the Hulk as redstate America’.

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  • Words Fail Me…

    …and the best title is the one we are linking to anyway :) The Saudi government daily Al-Watan features an article about how America is in Iraq to harvest organs to sell back in the States. Translation by MEMRI, enjoy.

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  • Donation Roundup

    Glenn has some links that might interest you and points out that the International Committee of the Red Cross and the American Red Cross are two separate organizations. Its times like these that remind us all of how fortunate we are and that show the character of nations. The American people (not including the foreign aid amounts) have already given over ten times as much as say… the People’s Republic of France.

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  • C & F

    Imagine if Cox & Forkum ever failed to nail it to the wall… fortunately we don’t have to ;) C & F have a nice ‘toon and some links to vids and other Tsunami info that may be of interest to you. Enjoy, and keep the survivors and the dead both in your thoughts and prayers as we approach another New Year.

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  • A double-header of links to info from the PA and Arab League that explain how killing Jews is required as even the trees and rocks hate the filthy j00z (please enjoy my sarcasm). The second link details how the lack of sustained peace in the region is the fault of both America and Israel, continuing the long tradition of scapegoating and victim play that the Arab world loves oh so much.

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  • Earthquake relief

    Hi, breaking my vacation temporarily so that anyone who didn’t already see it elsewhere knows that you can donate to the victims of the large Asian earthquake and tsunami through that link. Michele has all the links you’ll need.

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  • Of course…

    I say that, but as a “parting shot” here’s Victor Davis Hanson in defense of Rumsfeld.

    Also: proof that we aren’t France.

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Posting will be probably non-existant from now until New Year’s Day. Hang in there until then, and have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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  • Lechon rex

    Val just can’t get enough pigs.

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  • Scrooged

    Here’s some amusing varients on a classic. The Kerry one’s great.

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  • Men in Black

    Michelle Malkin has much more on the idiotic federal air marshal dress code.

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  • Tim Blair’s year in review

    January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

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  • Heh

    The economy actually did even better from July to September than was previously thought.

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  • Good news, bad news

    Washington state might actually have a governor soon, but it’ll probably be the Donk due to post-election shenanigans that would make the Daleys blush.

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  • Two

    Charles notes that the Iraqi “insurgents” are being trained by the Pallies.

    Misha says the IDF’s got ‘em under control. Mheh.

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  • Turn in

    Pablo the deserter turned himself in to the Navy. Smash has that plus his latest ProtestWarrioring in San Diego.

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