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Ulala’s Swingin’ Report Show

Aliens invade Eastern Europe! Well, no, not exactly.

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  • Spoken down

    La Shawn starts to explain why she’s not a liberal. Good stuff.

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  • Hugh Hewitt has a sound collage of Kerry on the Titanic. 8x drink alert.

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  • Infinity and beyond

    As most everyone knows, SpaceShipOne made a second successful flight (third including the original test) yesterday, and they’ve won the X-Prize.

    Google even had a special logo for the occasion.

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  • Do as he says

    Tim Blair notes that Kerry’s commercials are non-union.

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  • Out of this world

    Kerry, under fire for the “global test” remark, now says it wouldn’t just include the Earth. It’s too easy at this point – please create your own joke.

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  • Michael Moore rejected them as fakes. So there you have it – Moore is more credible than CBS News.

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  • STG: Garden of Angels

    It would be nice if this charity didn’t have to exist. But unfortunately it does, so please click through and do what you can.

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  • Going to 11

    Dr. Frank thinks the Metallica movie sounds unintentionally hilarious. I must agree.

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  • Lame

    The PCization of the military continues: a soldier who started a site where people could buy beer for servicemen and women overseas has been forced to shut it down.

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  • More French corruption

    The lack of surprises just keep coming today.

    UPDATE: Wizbang has related info regarding just-released documents about the extent to which France collaborated with the Nazis during *and for 4 years after* WW2. And Glenn makes an excellent point.

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  • Not that anyone with half a brain is going to be very surprised.

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  • Ahh, yes

    The Pallies were caught using a UN ambulance to smuggle missiles around. The UN of course denies it. Whatever.

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  • What quagmire again?

    More good news from Afghanistan.

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  • Mapes syrup

    More on one of the instigators of Rathergate. Plus, more news that the media is circling the wagons to protect Dan Rather. Ugh. It’s their funeral – haven’t they seen the ratings for Fox News lately?

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  • Parody protests

    It looks like Protest Warrior-ing is catching on in Australia too.

    UPDATE: And Louisville too.

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  • The Cheney Strangler?

    IMW goes debating. Part 2 of a lot.

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  • Figures

    At least one of the Beslan killers attended the infamous radical Finsbury Park mosque in north London.

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  • Rove, Rove, Rove Your Boat

    Lileks is off the hook, to borrow a phrase. Also, if you’re in the Twin Cities, you missed the opportunity to talk to Lileks, Hugh Hewitt, and Jason Lewis, all in the same place.

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  • Diet Buffy?

    Five-Minute Voyager, which condenses Trek and other sci-fi episodes to short (frequently hilarious) stories has opened up an Angel section. Fans of the brooding one are advised to bookmark.

    Here’s a taste, from the Season 5 opener “Conviction”. You’ll notice the 4th wall is extremely unsafe:

    Fred: I’m so nervous about running this lab….
    Knox: That poster for your obnoxious political views probably won’t help.
    Fred: Don’t be silly, they’re not my obnoxious political views. I’m just the one Joss Whedon’s borrowing this time.

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  • Hmm

    Total for Sunday was just under 900 unique (admittedly vs. the Sunday average of 250ish, but the weekday average is approaching 450 lately). Not bad return on investment for a tiny bit of snark, but the famed Instalanche didn’t exactly make my server sweat either ;-)

    Incidentally, I have Drudge’s radio show on and he’s reading a newspaper story in which NAACP activists are claiming blacks are “terrified” of touch-screen voting machines and computers. Trying to find an online version. Currently not succeeding, but if you know where to find it hit the comments.

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  • MPAA shenanigans?

    Anyone noticed that with less than 2 weeks until it opens, Team America: World Police still has no MPAA rating? I wonder if Jack Valenti objects to their making fun of that nice Michael Moore or something…

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  • “Ring ring” Jihad calling

    Wretchard notes once again that the jihadists are irritatingly adept at using our own morals and technologies against us.

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  • International relations

    Kerry’s now pissed off the leaders of Poland. Oops. Allah covers that and much more, including a hilarious Arab News cartoon (I’m serious, but not for the reasons the artist probably though it was funny).

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  • Canonization Gone Wrong

    Check out Saint Clinton. Yes, they’re serious (click through to see lots of Bush-bashing items). (Via Dean’s).

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