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Is the caller there?

Tim Blair digs up some strange but true Larry King quotes.

But wait, there’s more, and more, and even more.

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  • Heh

    I knew when I saw this picture of al-Queda leader and 9/11 planner Khalid Mohammed that there’d be some sort of competition. I just didn’t realize it’d be a poll – I was expecting either a caption or Photoshop contest.

    (For the record, I voted for “is Ted Rall”).

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  • So much for spontenaety

    The anti-war protests were planned immediately after 9/11 by a coalition of Communists and Islamists. I’m shocked, *shocked*.

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  • More instabilty ahoy :(

    As you may have noticed, uptime doesn’t seem to be what it should be on the new server (symptoms ranged from the site not loading at all, to the site loading but comments not working, to other freakouts). As a result, we may be moving again already, this time to a provider with impeccable Netcraft uptime charts and no bad reviews we could find at all on Google.

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  • I couldn’t make this up

    British dentists (yes, there is such a thing) are in trouble for using illegal-under-EU-law tooth whitening treatments. ROFL!

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  • Vichy

    Rapper “Paris” is putting out a lovely new album. I’ll stick with Snoop, thizzanks.

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  • Oh, goodness

    What is with this garbage? I’m with Andrea 100%. Except I don’t drive an SUV so they’d get squished a lot lower.

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  • A protest we can all enjoy

    Between 30,000 and 100,000 South Koreans protested in favor of the US and against the North. It must suck being Kim Jong Il.

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  • Mail

    Frank gets mail. Frank fisks mail. Fisk, Frank, Fisk.

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  • Victimology

    Den Beste gets preached at by a pious British Tranzi that ordinary Americans are not allowed to care about 9/11. That’s *bzzt* the wrong answer of course 🙂

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  • Cluck cluck cluck

    The “human shields” in Iraq are after realizing that Saddam really does want them stationed at legit military targets. Bwahahahahaha.


    In a Peartian turn of phrase, Lileks notes that he’s ‘old enough to remember the future’. But the future ain’t what it used to be.

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  • Mheh

    More fun at the expense of the Big Plan to have liberal radio (I mean, besides NPR).

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  • LGF-o-rama

    First up, Fun with Photoshop. Next, the EU is knowingly funding terrorism, but we knew that. Plus, George Michael continues to be clue-resistant.

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  • Metadiscussion

    It looks like the new DNS has made it out to most places now. If the site looks all broken, blame Zeitgeist for reconfiguring MT about 2 days before I would consider it safe to. Also you can try closing your browser, reopenning it, and holding down shift or ctrl while clicking reload to force out any stale caches.

    Anyway, since we’re posting from our proper URL again, I’ve re-enabled pinging So if your blogroll is one of those fancy-schmancy types that indicates recently updated blogs, it should start reading IoT’s status properly again.

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  • Herring-do

    Just a brief note, Red Herring, that oh-so-influential mag of the dot-com days has shut its doors. What is a venture capitalist to do?!!? Maybe bankroll Die Hard 5: Mclane Kicks the Crap Out of Saddam? (yes I said 5, because theoretically 4 is still in development hell)

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  • Hollywood Stars that Don’t Suck

    Add Bruce Willis. Yippie-ki-yay!

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  • LGF Multipack

    The mayor of Moab, Utah is horrified that our new even-more-powerful Daisy Cutter is called the “MOAB”. Whatever, dude.

    Meanwhile, Sharia continues onward in France, and the State Department is endorsing a Holocaust denier as Arafat’s replacement.

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  • Oy vey

    PETA now claims that eating meat is as bad as the Holocaust. The Emperor and Arthur Silber let ’em have it.

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  • PilgerWorld

    Mark Steyn visits a new theme park. Not really, but triple drink alert and all that.

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  • Like a grape

    An alarming new report is out: Europeans are getting fat! Naturally they blame America, but Andrea Harris thinks otherwise.

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  • Interview without the vampire

    Mike Hendrix interviews Juan Gato. Drink alert, unless it’s tequila.

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  • Double-whammy

    Den Beste got sent a link to an article on how Bush is misleading everyone into thinking war is necessary. The article itself contains pretty much every one of the tactics they accuse Bush of. Comedy ensues.

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  • Are you a terrorist?

    If so, this dispatch from the Emperor will cause you to wet your pants.

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  • New month, new server, new look

    While moving to the new server, I also learned some CSS and threw away the last bits of the old Blogger-inspired template in favor of some “new hotness”. It’s perfect in both IE6 and Mozilla 1.2.1, and very close in Konqueror 3.0. If some late-model browser (I don’t care about IE4.x or 5.x or Netscape 4.x, sorry) chokes on it, please let me know. The basic layout is derived from an example at The Layout Reservoir, so big thanks to them!

    UPDATE: There’s something goofy with the individual archive pages, at least in IE6. (Text doesn’t appear until you scroll the window or highlight it, very strange). That template was going under the knife next anyway 🙂

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