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CNN’s Saddam Slurp

Here’s even more info. Yeesh.

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  • The inside job

    Here’s more support for the “inside job” museum looting theory.

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  • Guess who’s coming to dinner?

    Noted weasel de Villepin pays a visit to Boy Assad. Don’t miss the comments either.

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  • Lame Donks

    John Edwards: probably not an asset to the DNC.

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  • Relics

    Here are (hopefully) the last words on the museum looting.

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  • The Fast and the Impious

    Even Laurence Simon couldn’t have predicted this: Amish drag racing.

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  • Fun Facts about Syria

    Frank has the scoop.

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  • More trouble for France

    Aussie Prime Minister John Howard has publically called for France to be kicked off the UN Security Council, with India and Japan added in it’s place.

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  • Truth in Advertising

    Geoff finds some (aieeee, blogspot! go here and look for “Quoth Mr. Skiba…”). Anyway, there’s a good point to be made here, which is that stars can think stupid things (and occasionally say them) as long as they keep ’em out of their work and they’re willing to not pretend they’re the ultimate experts.

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  • Bad news for the news

    Bill Cimino finds out that people would rather not watch Dan Rather.

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  • Baghdad Bob

    Cox and Forkum pair up Baghdad Bob with the Axis of Weasels. Of course hilarity ensues. Let’s not be silly.

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  • The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

    The looting of the big museum in Baghdad prompted a hysterical (in all senses) bit of whining from a fairly big-name liberal blogger. Andrea Harris was going to apply The Snark(tm), only to find that she’d been beaten to it by snarkmaster Jim Treacher.

    UPDATE: As Jim points out in our comments here, don’t miss the comments on Andrea’s site. Some great stuff (both funny and informative) has been posted.

    SECOND UPDATE: Michele speaks out, and of course it’s all good.

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  • Another hiatus

    Robert Prather’s excellent The Mind of Man (formerly Neolibertarian News Portal) is going on hiatus to start a new business. He will be missed, but Viva La Capitalism, Baby!

    I’ve had this theory for a while that in the future all blogs will be collaborative, except maybe Instapundit. Things like the Command Post, The Corner, Samizdata, and Blogcritics seem to back up my idea, as those guys are all having genuine fun and kicking ass. We have 2 posters here now and I’d add more if someone qualified asked. (Before anyone asks, the qualifications are “I like your writing”. Pretty much anyone on the blogroll qualifies, obviously).

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  • Captain Petard

    The BBC’s infamous “TV tax” may be illegal under EU regulations. Given how pro-EU the BBC is, it is to laugh.

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  • One-term W

    Bush may be extending the so-called assault weapons ban (which actually bans guns based on what they look like instead of their actual capabilities).

    UPDATE: Over to you, Kim! I knew he’d have something to say.

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  • Rarr!

    Meanwhile, in Frank’s world, Bush and Rummy have a meeting.

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  • No respect

    A Berlin newspaper which is typically anti-American had a big headline this morning: “SUMMIT OF LOSERS ENDS”, referring to Schroeder, Putin, and Chirac. Hee hee!

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  • Baghdad Bob’s Top 10 Lies

    Jonah on NRO has the list, taken from Letterman last week.

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  • The Pepsi Generation

    Uday Hussein drinks it. I bet he won’t be their spokesman though..

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  • Worst. Idea. Ever.

    A new book is coming out on how to be French. I could not make this up.

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  • Props for Michele

    Michele gets written up in Newsday. Sweet! (Hat tip: Tha Bloggfather).

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  • The glowing gun

    Kim du Toit says shut up about the looting, we’ve found fricking nukes.

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  • Tanks are still in it

    Here’s an amusing tale about a clueless reporter.

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  • Axis bends an axle

    Putin goes all Family Circus and says “Not Me!”. Yeah, ok, we’ll see.

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  • Somehow, someway

    What videos would you not want CNN reporters finding?

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