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More dangerous than the cola wars

Laurence Simon (guest-blogging on Bigwig’s site) brings news of a third entrant into the Cola Jihad.

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  • Damn WASPs

    There’s no anti-Semetism like rich East coast WASP anti-Semetism.

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  • Gorgeous

    NASA has posted a great tribute to the Columbia 7. Might be a bit much for people on dial-up, but the photographs are breathtaking and the quotes moving.

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  • Daimn!

    Damien Penny says modern lefties don’t deserve to be called “liberals”.

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  • Preparation H

    Den Beste has the news on the latest war preps by the Pentagon and the UK’s War Department.

    If Saddam attacks us with a giant cornucopia, can we ram the Constellation down it’s throat? *WHAP* *OW* Sorry, that won’t happen again.

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  • Anti-idiotarian baby

    Everyone just go look and say “awww”. Unless you’re a McKinney or something.

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  • Bad day for bad guys

    7 arrested in the UK, and 3 in Germany.

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  • Life imitates E. Nough

    This one *should* be a joke but isn’t: PETA begs Arafat to stop sending “splodey-donkeys”.

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  • Cavuto copies Michele?

    Probably really great minds thinking alike, but hmmmm. Read the comments for a great slam on Chirac too.

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  • Importing everything

    Greg Sheridan in the Australian nails anti-Americanism. It’s all reheated leftover Chomsky.

    The article includes great slams on Maureen Dowd, France, and Germany in case you needed additional incentive to read it.

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  • Useless Nobodies

    Mark Steyn says it’s time to dissolve the UN. Actually, it was a while ago, but they’re making it harder to resist almost daily.

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  • Dissonance

    Lileks doesn’t like the two finalists to replace the WTC.

    If the original WTC consisted of two hands banging out an obvious C chord, this is the visual equivalent of dropping a cat on the keyboards.

    I don’t like ’em much either. The people involved forget the only plan with major (>65%) public support:
    Read the rest of this entry »

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  • France’s last chance

    Den Beste thinks France missed their last chance to be on the winning side of history, and tries to come up with reasons why.

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  • Biggie

    It’s a big news day, and here’s a special bonus Lileks column on the UN.

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  • Justice League

    Eugene Volokh thinks the UN has League-alzied itself. Yup.

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  • Just Like Monica

    Mark Steyn has a quick comment on NRO about today’s UN presentation.

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  • It’s good to be the king

    Misha Fisks the Fisk(tm). Then inept troll “Guy” shows up and *everyone* piles on.

    UPDATE: It was brought to the Emperor’s attention that Pilger was acting up again too. He’s now been dealt with in the appropriate manner.

    UPDATE AGAIN: The Emperor gets the trifecta! I won’t spoil which well-known idiotarian gets skewered in this one, just go enjoy it.

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  • A group of Eastern European countries are planning their own statement in favor of Bush, the US, and a war in Iraq. *Now* who’s unilateral, Jacques?

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  • Beware of Hildi

    Here’s a pair of Trading Spaces articles. First up, a writeup on the homeowners from the recent Vegas “Live Reveal”. Secondly, everything you didn’t care to know about Kia.

    Best quote: “When we got Hildi, we were kind of nervous and scared, that we’ll have poker chips on the wall,” Kim Basham said before filming began.

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  • Short and Pointless

    Sgt. Stryker has the Cliffs Notes version of Colin Powell’s UN briefing.

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  • The Future of Liberal Smacking

    Once again, it’s Frank’s world and we only wish we could visit it.

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  • Peeve Farm has this excellent post on the different thinking between most Americans and most Europeans.

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  • More trouble for Schroeder

    Opposition parties are now using his “isolationism” on Iraq against him. So much for Old Europe.

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  • Your move, “Old Europe”

    Powell’s presentation is done, and I think it was quite good. Charles seems to agree.

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  • Funniest. Story. Ever.

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