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No fury

Laurence Simon has some words for Chirac.

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  • Still more

    Damien Penny notes that with Iraq in shambles, they’re still paying blood money to the families of Palestianian splodeydopes.

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  • Rummy Watch

    Here’s a classic quote from the man himself.

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  • The Weasel-Poodle Alliance

    Charles takes a whiz on France’s new defense plan. The comments are hysterical, especially the one about Luxembourg.

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  • Jonah gets email

    …from a pro-war Democrat who works downtown in San Francisco. He does not have nice things to say about the protests.

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  • Moooo

    Dipnut has an incredible rant about the protesters. Today’s Must Read.

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  • Speech

    Michele and others have been doing a great job posting pictures over on The Command Post of happily freed Iraqis. In response to one, someone expressed misgivings because Bush’s true reason for waging the war may not have been the liberation of the Iraqi people. I posted an earlier version of the following mini-rant over there, and I’m repeating it here so we have more content.
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  • What Do You Expect?

    Just read a bit in the WSJ that included interviews with a ‘human shield’ who had been in Iraq. Read on for hightlights…
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  • The NIONist entity

    It was written a few days ago (which is forever in war terms now) but Mark Steyn’s war intro is still terrific. Drink alert, as usual.

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  • Naked grannies

    Via Megan McArdle, here’s Business2’s 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.

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  • Don’t turn around

    Charles Krauthammer says don’t go back to the UN. (Link via LGF, but I first heard this column when Boortz read it on-air this morning).

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  • Frenchman predicts future

    Good stuff (includes Jonah Goldberg’s latest G-File).

    UPDATE: This entry attracted a troll in, I think, Porteguese (probably Brazilian since Brazilians are far more socialist than their European forefathers). Babelfish couldn’t translate it very well, but it had most of the Whiners’ Greatest Hits all in one package. Bush stole the election, he’s a dictator, it’s all for the oiiiillll, he and Rummy enjoy killing kittens and other living things, blah blah. The only originality was the language. I gave it 0 stars out of 10 and deleted it.

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  • A Short Rant

    I was listening to the radio on the way back from lunch and I was kind of astounded by a question that was repeatedly asked by the media during the press conference.
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  • More bad news

    …for anti-war protest-weenies. Iraqis are welcoming US and UK troops and helping them take down the giant portraits and murals of Saddam that infest Iraq.

    UPDATE: More on Iraqi surrender here.

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  • The laugh track

    France and Belgium meanwhile are continuing in their efforts to provide a laugh track for the war.

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  • Now it’s *really* on

    The famous “shock and awe” portion is now beginning. If you have a television nearby, go see.

    UPDATE: “Whoa.”

    UPDATE 2: Rummy redecorated all of Saddam’s palaces for him. And people thought Hildi was destructive.

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  • Losin’ the news

    Dr. Frank examines why Fox News is winning.

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  • So let’s flatten ’em, eh?

    Canadians at a hockey game in Montreal booed the Star-Spangled Banner. And then their team got it’s ass kicked by the New York Islanders.

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  • Just like you

    Hollywood is just like you, only more intense. Or something.

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  • A good question

    Why are the lights still on in Baghdad?

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  • Bonjour

    Via Tim Blair, it turns out France has already sent troops to Iraq. There’s a catch, of course…

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  • Real Ultimate Victory

    Laurence Simon has a plan.

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  • Most Obvious Story Ever

    Hans Blix: the Scuds Iraq didn’t have but managed to launch anyway yesterday are a violation of UNSC 1441. Naw, really?

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  • Round 1: Fight!

    Chirac has gone from vaguely menacing to just lame.

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  • Wow.

    Anna nails exactly what’s wrong with the EU.

    “Nor can you ape our forms, but reject our soul.”


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