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Irony is the enemy of the post-modern left(tm)

Congress Surfs for Pr0n has the story

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  • nVidia Falters…

    Oh the horror… As if its not bad enough to lose to ATi, the new consumer level fx cards lose in some instances to last years ti4200(!).

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  • Not quite the Marshall plan

    Frank has suggestions for post-war Iraq. Drink alert, etc.

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  • Ripoff

    Andrea Harris Fisks a bumper sticker. Be very afraid.

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  • No cheese though

    Iraq’s military leadership is reportedly already in surrender talks with the US.

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  • Out Of Time

    The UN has started pulling inspectors out of Iraq.

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  • Mwahahaha

    According to a French newspaper, Chirac is a “white knight of peace, champion of all the oppressed”. My brain hurts.

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  • Tough critic

    A University of Missouri basketball player beat and choked a woman after she refused to watch his DVD of LeVar Burton’s Roots.

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  • But…but…he’s BLIX!

    It’s Hans Blix’s French connection.

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  • The truth is out there

    The anti-brains crowd insists that secret Mossad FBI agents vandalized the 9/11 memorial to make them look bad. Michele ain’t buying it either.

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  • Nuts n’ bolts

    Den Beste updates what several Brits and ex-Brits think is going on with Tony Blair, and then makes fun of the EU constitution.

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  • Margo’s in trouble?

    You already know where this is going, so just read it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Potpourri

    PBS pledge drives, the brutal Iraqi daytime, and dead squirrels. It can only be the Backfence.

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  • Oh Wait, Those Don’t Exist…

    Fun with the Froggies from UPI via Emperor Misha.

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  • New ways to annoy France

    Nick Denton and others have some ideas.

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  • World’s Stupidest Criminals

    Driving 78 MPH with 300 pounds of pot in the back seat. In an Escort.

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  • Goodbye nasty

    Michele makes fun of modern war songs, both pro and con. Boy have the Beasties gone downhill fast. I think Jim Treacher’s comment is right.

    Sharon Ferguson meanwhile dissents, claming you can write good historically-based songs, and using Rush’s “Manhattan Project” as an example.

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  • Euro-suck

    Ralph Peters has a good column on Euro anti-Semetism.

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  • Welcome to the world

    Frank’s Rummy is back. You know what to do.

    UPDATE: I’m bringing out an unprecidented nine-times drink alert for this one. Holy cow ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Bye bye Blair?

    Den Beste says Tony Blair is a good friend and all, but there’s no reason to follow him too far on his UN resolution chase. Fortunately Ari has indicated that we’re not going to.

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  • The right idea

    Aussie looney Phillip Adams directly targets Tim Blair in a pretty amusing way.

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  • Smacks in France

    Mike Hendrix relays a tale of Chrissie Hynde getting the crap beat out of her by concertgoers in France.

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  • Treehuggers vs. Sandhippies

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to remove 3,800 cypress and eucalyptus trees from the Presidio National Park, as part of a plan to restore sand dunes to the area. Thatโ€™s about 3.8% of the total trees in the 1,480 acre park, a beautiful and popular part of the Bay Area. The Army planted the original trees in the 19th Century, when the Presidio was a military installation. Link via Ken Layne by way of sneaking suspicions gleaned from the NYT.

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  • Letter to Mom

    A letter from a Navy corpsman explaining to his mother why he does what he does. Link courtesy of Pejman via thebitchgirls by way of ASmallVictory and finally linked to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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  • Our World-Historical Gamble

    An essay by Lee Harris of Tech Central Station. Link courtesy of LGF.

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