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Freedom fries?

Laurence Simon (who else) reports on a restaurant where “French fries” are now “freedom fries” in order to “support our troops”. While the concept has some merit, Lair thinks it’s headed in the wrong direction. Also, keep reading for a cat story, if you’re into that sort of thing.

UPDATE: This post, for reasons I can’t begin to imagine, has attracted some of the most inept anti-brains types I’ve ever seen. Time to upgrade to MT 2.62 where you can disable commenting on old posts I guess. In the meantime, I’ll let the Dissident Frogman‘s handy automated Fisking take care of things 😉

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  • Specialization

    Chirac offers Bush advice on how to surrender. Bill Quick and the Emperor team up to cause the proper amount of hilarity to ensue.

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  • Cold enough?

    Bill Quick talks about the weather. LGF’s J. Lichty shows up and proves E. Nough isn’t the only superstar commenter.

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  • Heavy irony

    Peace demonstrators went on a violent rampage in San Francisco.

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  • His-story

    The Emperor finally tells his life story. It’s his best post he’s ever written. Also, Denmark?! Yikes.

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  • Daredevil

    Michele collects brutal reviews, but most of the commenters say it’s a good time if you don’t expect anything.

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  • Pop go the Weasels

    NATO approves help for Turkey by simply going to a committee France isn’t on. With France locked out, Belgium and Germany folded like a cheap table.

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  • Allah be praised!

    It’s an Abu Amar Paperwork Update. Still no baby wipes, but maybe it’s better that way.

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  • Gregg Easterbrook writes on why duct tape is useless (you already knew that) and why potassium iodide isn’t (you can guess).

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  • Turnabout is fair play

    Dawson found a list of Israeli-made products on a lefty boycott site. But now that they’ve done the work, we know what to buy. Mheh.

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  • Together at last

    Neo-Nazis discover Islam, fall in love.

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  • Blair’s Law

    Tony Blair has harsh words for anti-whatever demonstrators.

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  • Fuck

    Bush is his father.

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  • Heh

    Saddam has issued a personal thank-you to the anti-whatever demonstrators.

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  • Boom

    Rummy is preparing to destroy the German economy. Naturally the State Department is “horrified”. Oh well.

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  • “Hippies piss me off”

    Michele has a protest round-up with lots of pictures and other goodies.

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  • Follow the leader

    I’ve added a button on the right for a pro-democracy-in-Iraq organization. Note however that I do object to their use of the term “democracy”. Reason being, a democracy is unstable. It will last only as long as it takes for people to realize they can vote their way to a Marxist utopia, and then you get Western EUrope. The US is not a democracy for that and other reasons (the Founding Fathers were pretty smart for a bunch of white guys). Read Neal Boortz’s The Terrible Truth About Liberals for a more in-depth discussion of democracy.

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  • Wow

    Bill Whittle has written the best essy on Columbia possible. And we get it for free. Amazing.

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  • Personal service

    Careerless actor Wil Wheaton recently spewed the usual canned anti-war drivel on his blog. That netted him personalized brutal Fiskings by James Taranto, several minions of the Emperor, and a drive-by by Jonah Goldberg. I’m kinda jealous.

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  • Terror from beyond Minneapolis

    Lileks has a tale from terror-ravged South Minneapolis in tomorrow’s Backfence.

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  • Of all things, an Italian

    For everyone’s reference, here is the original source of the “Military History of France” that’s been flying around email and websites lately.

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  • LGF Roundup (yee-haw!)

    Cox and Forkum have made a handy guide to peace demonstrators (note: comments contain Aussie leftist idiot getting completely devestated by E. Nough). Also, the Pope supports Saddam Hussein, Islam Loves Mercedes, the world’s most ironic anti-war sign, and a bit of fun with Photoshop.

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  • Marching for who?

    Mark Steyn reminds protestors that they are, in fact, pro-Saddam.

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  • Braaains

    Here’s some pictures and commentary from the London anti-brains march.

    Glenn has the Aussie protests.

    Michele’s got a few from NYC.

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  • How to speak Merkin

    Tim Blair has various attempts to translate his “extremely Aussie” diatribe from the other day. Do I have to mention drink warnings?

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