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The Royal Treatment

Neal Boortz’ producer Royal Marshall is currently on CNN’s TalkBack Live arguing the anti-idiotarian position against a colosally confused Brit. Too bad they’re not in the same room, as Royal is a very large black gentleman 😉

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  • Viva Italia!

    Italian authorities rounded up 28 jihadi freakazoids and some explosives. Good job, boys.

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  • Movin’ on up

    It’s been rumored since anti-Americanism cranked up post-9/11 that the US might move it’s military bases from Germany to Poland. This would be a win-win since it keeps US troops in a country where they aren’t hated, it will greatly boost the Polish economy, and it’ll make sure Putin doesn’t get any ideas about resurrecting the Iron Curtain. Also, it would further devestate Germany’s economy and maybe get them to clarify their position a bit.

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  • Boom boom clap / boom boom clap

    Paris and Berlin ‘rocked’ by letter.

    Well, of course. The US and UK lead the world in rocking.

    UPDATE: Don’t miss this related article with comments by the infamous E. Nough too.

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  • Sorry, Charlie

    I know, I know, the Vietnamese are actually “Charlie”. But read the latest on North Korea anyway.

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  • New Palestinian weapons

    LGF has the photographic scoop on a, err, unique new weapon being used by the Palestinians.

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  • Crikey!

    An Aussie lefty blogger and nudist got Fisked and then picked a fight about it in Andrea Harris’s comments.

    UPDATE: Andrea puts major smack down. Even Acidman and Misha will be hard pressed to out-bile that.

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  • Nelson Mandela

    I know that moron’s been a topic of many Fiskings lately, but I like this one by Laurence Simon the best.

    UPDATE: this dispatch from IMAO’s world ain’t bad either.

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  • Is the “Looney Left” mainstream?

    John Hawkins has evidence from top-rated lefty sites, including tinfoil conspiracy theories and blatent anti-Semetism.

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  • Muggings Administered Daily

    Noel shares his story of how he tried to be a good leftist but those darn facts kept getting in the way. Emperor Misha hints at a similar story but then doesn’t tell it. Tease.

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  • Fisk-wah!

    Glenn Reynolds says that the White House is emailing out this Fisking of the New York Times to lots of journalists. Following in the footsteps of “Axis of Weasel” becoming an internationally known term, I can only say “Advantage: Blogosphere!”.

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  • UNseless

    Charles Krauthammer eulogizes the UN. And it’s not complimentary.

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  • Le Flag Blanc

    Here’s a great military history of France. LOL!

    UPDATE: And this is a terrific Slate column on French anti-Americanism by Chris Suellentrop.

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  • The “New Europe”

    Here’s a great map which vividly shows “Rumsfeld’s New Europe”, and how out of touch the “Old Europe” is.

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  • The Education of Colin Powell

    Here’s a great article in The Economist about how the Axis of Weasel(tm) alienated their own best ally in Washington.

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  • Round Two!

    Boortz vs. Donahue, mano a mano, tonight at 8 PM Eastern (7 Central) on MSNBC. No other guests this time, it oughta be fun!

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  • Judy, stop this thing!

    Lileks says the future ain’t what it used to be. How true that is.

    PS: Kevin Smith fans take note: “Eden Prairie Center” is (was) the Mallrats mall.

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  • Message in a Bottle

    Everyone’s done this but me so far, but I just have to list some of the more amusing searches that have brought people here:

    “Paige Davis bikini” (what, not Amy Wynn?)
    “mindy paige davis” (don’t make me staple flowers to your bathroom)
    “cox forkum” (this would sound weird to non-LGF regulars! 🙂
    “naked peace protestors pics” (sorry boys)
    “Joe Millionaire” and bondage (I know why this is a search, but I don’t know why it leads *here* of all places).
    “bomb france” (damn skippy)

    And yes, I’m aware that even listing these will skew future searches even worse. But I couldn’t help it.

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  • Bush has a Posse

    The “gang of 8” has become 10, with the additions of Albania and Slovakia.

    Additionally, the EU parliament has more than enough signatures to start an investigation of where the “Baby Wipe Billionaire” Yasser Arafat is spending Europe’s money. What a terrible day for the likes of Chirac and Chris Patten.

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  • Yo Ho Ho

    Here’s some pics from the Tampa Super Bowl parade. Since I was at the game and stuff and didn’t make it back to Florida until late Monday night of course I missed any chance of seeing that stuff live, but hey 🙂

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  • It’s the Final Countdown

    Here’s a terrific Den Beste essay on the current state of things vis a vis Europe and Iraq.

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  • Short Films

    The Editing Room is an excellent site with frequently funny “abridged” versions of movies.

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  • Jerusalem

    Ultra-Orthoblogger Ben Shapiro has a great column on the Big Lie about al Aqsa, which all US media (including FNC) continue to repeat.

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  • Call 1-900-JIHAD

    Meryl Yourish wrote a great song parody.

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  • The rubber meets the road

    Here’s the full text of the “screw you France, we’re supporting GWB” open letter from the leaders of 8 European countries. Hee hee!

    UPDATE: being away from the computer for 4 days, I missed the full story on the “Axis of Weasel” catch phrase, in which Scott Ott from Scrappleface caused actual trouble for French and German diplomats. Glenn Reynolds in his MSNBC guise has the story here.

    UPDATE 2: Here’s a Reuters story on the large cracks appearing in the EU’s facade.

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