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Irony is the enemy of the post-modern left(tm)


A Loyal Citizen(tm) recently made a T-shirt vendor’s head explode, like in Scanners and stuff.

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  • Generation gap

    Liberal antiwar professors are increasingly discovering that surprise! their students are more conservative than they are.

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  • Security? What? has been hacked. Hee hee!

    Stack dead actors
    Stack to the rafters
    Line up the bastards all I want is the truth

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  • Hmmmm

    Evan Maloney does another video interview of peace protesters and…surprise! They’re all Billy McKinney! Watch the video here, and there’s an LGF thread about it here.

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  • Rumsfeld International Airport

    Mark Steyn says we’ve won. Now what?

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  • Blairabia?

    Jonah Goldberg already has postwar plans for Iraq, including the name.

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  • They like us, they really do

    More on the Iraqis reaction to being liberated. Plus a bonus Ted Rall bitchslap.

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  • Arachnophobia?

    Dr. Frank has some fun at the expense of European (and lefty) theophobia. (I don’t care if that’s not a word, it is now 😉

    UPDATE: Blogger/Blogspot is acting up again. Go here and look for the entry titled “One is tempted to say the destiny of America is in the hands of a small group of Protestant bigots”.

    Also, thanks to the Emperor for making “theophobia” an Official Imperial Term!

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  • The new national slogan

    Lileks doesn’t have much in his Bleat today due to sleepless Gnats, but he did Photoshop up our new national slogan:

    Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy

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  • The lefty LA Weekly has an excellent survey of how bad most of the media coverage of the war is.

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  • Hee hee

    GWB has nominated Daniel Pipes to the board of the US Institute for Peace. Naturally, representatives of Pipes’ favorite foil, the Religion of Peace(tm), are pissed.

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  • Choo choo

    Victor Davis Hanson says the train is leaving the station. All aboard! Err, except the UN…

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  • Man down

    Columnist and reporter Michael Kelly was killed today while doing embedded reporting in Iraq.

    Why couldn’t it have been Geraldo?

    Update: The Indymedia ghouls are having a party, but NRO has some appropriate words.

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  • Quagmire Kabuki

    This is too funny.

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  • Ahhhhhh

    After a while without one, the Emperor gets Fiskin’ again, this time on some sop who doesn’t understand why nobody’s buying even if peace sells.

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  • LGF discovers Al Jazeera’s animated “political” cartoons. M. Kahil and Billy McKinney would be proud.

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  • Picking a winner

    Andrea Harris says people like a winner, and Old Europe is senile. Trust me, once you live in Florida long enough you can recognize it instantly.

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  • Disney’s money at work

    Kevin, currently stationed in Iraq, has a story about a 20/20 news crew that’ll make Barbara Walters cry. Or something. (hat tip: Andrea Harris).

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  • Method acting gone wrong

    An actor from The Sopranos was arraigned for their involvement in an Ecstasy ring with ties to the Gambino family.

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  • Domo arigato

    A Japanese kids’ TV show attempts to explain the war. Michele doesn’t help matters any by supplying an alternate translation.

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  • Thought experiment

    Mark Steyn says the press should treat SARS more like how it’s treating the war and vice-versa.

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  • Easy 1-step fixup

    Nick Denton has a slightly evil, but quite interesting idea, and the Professor expands on it. Sounds good to me.

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  • The bar has been lowered

    Ladies and gentlemen, the new world’s stupidest man.

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  • Wow. Wow. Wow.

    I agree with everything Mike Hendrix says here. PFC Lynch is 100% pure awesome.

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  • Why we’re winning

    An Iraqi man was asked what he thought they’d get now that Saddam and the Ba’athists were gone. His priceless answer: “Democracy! Whiskey! And sexy!!!” (hat tip: Best of the Web).

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