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Human shields?

It seems the European human shield movement is having some difficulties.

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  • Too much is never…

    Comment superstar E. Nough finally has a blog. Excellent!

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  • Susanna has a fascinating article about Russia and the attitudes of common Russians.

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  • Steven Chapman finds an especially stupid piece of anti-American propaganda. This one claims that our eastern European allies only like us because “they didn’t know about Vietnam”. Considering what they *were* experiencing at that time, that is a *huge* insult.

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  • Sweet dreams aren’t made of this

    Michele had a dream. And it’s one I’m sure her kids will appreciate.

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  • Blair’s Law revisited

    There was an idiotarian Super Bowl(tm) of sorts last month. Featuring Noam Chomsky (of course).

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  • Show me don’t tell me

    Michele has invented handy icons to save typing for all the anti-war idiotarians out there.

    UPDATE: here’s more. Hehehe.

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  • No thought

    LGF has pictures from both the US and Australian “get nekkid for peace” protest-thingies.

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  • Groundskeeper Willie

    Chirac. Hitchens. I think you know which one’s still standing at the end.

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  • The One Ring

    Andrea Harris spots a problem with a LOTR Photoshop intended to indicate that Bush is the source of all evil.

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  • No nipples for oil!

    Michele has a picture of the latest anti-war protest. (Picture is safe for work). Don’t miss the comments either.

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  • Heh heh

    Mark Steyn. Saddam Hussein. Do ya really need to know more?

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  • This is why

    Here’s a great story about a cab driver. Yes, really. Just read it.

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  • LGF Multiball(tm)

    Hamas makes more unhelpful statements. Big surprise there. Some would-be splodeydopes were caught and chased into a mosque, where they attempted to hide their bombs in the toilet (what *is* it with Pallies and toilets lately?). And finally, CAIR gets Fisked.

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  • They f**k you with the cellphones

    Laurence Simon (guesting on People’s Republic of Seabrook) discovers a new way to dispute your long distance charges.

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  • Nothing goes with orange!

    Since we’re at “orange alert”, Frank has chipped in this handy guide to terrorists.

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  • Back to form

    al-Guardian goes back to form with an ignorant rant about the New Europe(tm). Matt Welch lightly Fisks with a tasteful glaze.

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  • Direct Hit

    Den Beste says Rummy has the Germans right where he wants ’em. And it’s not even Frank’s version of Rummy.

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  • A special treat from Boortz

    Swiped from today’s Nealz Nuz, one Photoshop is worth 1000 bombs, or something.
    Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Putin is Dobby?

    That’s what this story says, although I don’t see much resemblance. If it’s true, does that mean Stalin is Lord Voldemort?

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  • More dangerous than the cola wars

    Laurence Simon (guest-blogging on Bigwig’s site) brings news of a third entrant into the Cola Jihad.

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  • Damn WASPs

    There’s no anti-Semetism like rich East coast WASP anti-Semetism.

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  • Gorgeous

    NASA has posted a great tribute to the Columbia 7. Might be a bit much for people on dial-up, but the photographs are breathtaking and the quotes moving.

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  • Daimn!

    Damien Penny says modern lefties don’t deserve to be called “liberals”.

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  • Preparation H

    Den Beste has the news on the latest war preps by the Pentagon and the UK’s War Department.

    If Saddam attacks us with a giant cornucopia, can we ram the Constellation down it’s throat? *WHAP* *OW* Sorry, that won’t happen again.

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