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Suicide solution

Bill Quick notes that a bunch of Donks have introduced legislation overturning the use of force authorization. As Scott Evil might say: yeah, whatever, asses.

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  • More EU corruption

    I’m sure we’re all shocked by now.

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  • Navel gaze

    We set a new record last week of 1,181 visits. Thanks to all, and tell your friends.

    Thanks also to that Emperor guy and ScrappleFace, who remain the undisputed #1 and #2 referrers.

    Oh, and whoever Googled for “hildi nude” and ended up here, I’m gonna go wash my brain out with bleach now.

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  • Where’s Saddam?

    Mark Steyn isn’t exactly worried, but he’s wondering anyway.

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  • Eat Mor Chikin

    UK tabloid The Sun continues their French humor streak by spraying a French “battleship” with chicken feathers. Hee hee.

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  • Reach out and touch Iraq

    People calling their relatives in Iraq are being surprised to hear that they’re now openly against Saddam and hate his government.

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  • Asterisk

    Laurence Simon says Michael Moore won simply to send a message to Bush. Interestingly, even the union stagehands booed Moore. So much for his status as spokescreature for the common man.

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  • Cure for pain

    Steve H. continues to fight against the cat hegemony in blogging with more tales of his African Grey.

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  • Ventilation

    Kim du Toit finds out what radical environmentalists have planned. He has a few counter-plans though.

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  • “Le Television”?

    Here’s a great article on French media bias and their attempts to track what Chirac wants and slant the news that way.

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  • Donkeys

    Rand Simberg Fisks the Beeb.

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  • No, not a vampire

    Glenn brings us an interview with an Iraqi, plus bonus analysis of how badly Bush 41 screwed up.

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  • Old World Order

    James Bennett has an excellent column on the demise of transnationalism and the UN, otherwise known as Bush 41’s “New World Order”.

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  • Frank’s Rummy is here for a special Monday engagement. Go. Now.

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  • Hmm

    I deliberately didn’t watch the Oscars at all, but it sounds like at least a portion was fun.

    UPDATE: Jay Solo has the text of his speech here.

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  • Lock up the horses

    Mrs. du Toit pops out of retirement temporarily and delivers a barn-burner of a post about the Kurds, the Pallies, and why she disagrees with Den Beste. It’s all good.

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  • We shoulda let Saddam have ’em

    More on the amazing (even by Arab standards) anti-Semetism of Kuwait.

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  • Same old situation

    The Iraqi Foreign Minister somehow escaped to Syria. Surprisingly, it’s Billy McKinney. Why do I say that? Because he has a rather pedestrian explanation for the war situation. Wait for it…it’s all scripted “in Tel Aviv” by the “J-E-W-S”.

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  • A bit pricey

    The protests in San Francisco are costing taxpayers $900,000 *a day*. D-amn!

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  • This writer for the Chicago Tribune really really really loves Chelsea Clinton. I mean, get-a-room level. Do not read if your stomach is easily upset.

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  • Care bears

    Andrea Harris wants the “world community” to talk to the hand. I can’t argue with that.

    For a double-decker bonus, she also holds forth on the magical powers of the Geneva Conventions.

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  • Bowling for donuts

    Michael Moore gets brutally Fisked. Do I really need a longer description to make you click?

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  • Holy crap

    Ben Affleck said his final stance on the war will depend on the opinion of his stylist.

    I’m speechless.

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  • Too geek for you

    Fox News is showing footage from the USS Constellation. I thought that was destroyed by flying it into a giant paper cornucopia with Christmas lights inside?

    Curse you, Gene Roddenberry!

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  • It’s the little things

    The tastefully named Ian Wood talks about shopping for shoes.

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