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Via the Media Minder, it seems the Texas Rangers’ center fielder has a few issues.

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  • Heh

    Dr. Frank prefers Texas to the House of Sod, despite what Guardianistas think.

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  • Support the supporters

    Susanna Cornett and Mike Hendrix are compiling a list of companies who are supporting their employees that are called up for military duty. So now you know where to shop too 🙂

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  • Get away from my man

    An Arab leadership conference turns into a bad Jerry Springer knockoff. Hee hee!

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  • Winning and losing

    Mark Steyn says “Psst, we’re winning”.

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  • Periodic navel-gaze

    I forgot to mention this with all the brouhaha about the server switches and stuff, but in the month of February we got 2,699 visitors (up from 1,518 in January and 1,007 in December). Thanks to each and every one of you, and please keep coming back to visit us now. I can finally guarantee rock-steady operation and fast, error-free comment posting, and it feels great to be able to do it!

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  • Charlie Daniels puts down anti-war celebs. Good stuff.

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  • The 5th element?

    Charles thinks it’s about time for the purported “moderate” Muslims to stand up and be counted, following the release of yet more info indicating that it may not be a majority…

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  • Ashley Judd needs the work

    Lileks has capital-W Weird dreams. And then talks about Michael Savage. Don’t miss it.

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  • Fear and Lothing in Berlin

    The Axis of Weasel is seeing a definite economic impact from their ignorance. Let the Emperor be your guide.

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  • For your convienence

    Mike Hendrix collects a bunch of French jokes.

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  • The hits keep coming

    E. Nough discovers another instance where irony is on our side against anti-American protestors.

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  • Chirac c’est merde

    (I’m sure that title has nothing in common with correct French grammar, but whatever 😉 Anyway, there was a anti-France protest today at the French Embassy in Washington, DC. PaveFrance has the scoop and tons of pictures.

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  • Kosher hogs

    Via Max Power, here’s the Star of Davidson Jewish motorcycle club/gang/whatever. Oy vey 🙂

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  • LGF bulk pack

    The human shields are broke and stranded in Beirut. Serves ’em right. Meanwhile, in Israel, Again. *sigh*. And Harry Belafonte can’t resist saying more stupid things.

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  • Le Horror

    The French are up in arms because 92% of non-French EU students are studying and speaking English. Mwa ha ha!

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  • Heh heh

    I haven’t been checking regularly so I missed this, but TMQ has made a rare off-season appearance to wax lyrical about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Warning: contains no football, just breast implants.

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  • Surrender

    Merde in France discovers that you can’t even assemble a decent anti-war protest in Paris.

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  • Pro-liberty groups are springing up all over. Cool.

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  • Eeek

    Steve H. has a new gun. Run for your lives, liberals!

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  • Boom

    WND columnist Vox Day (is that a real name?) nukes Garofalo from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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  • Hee hee

    After Meryl Yourish suggested March 15th as International Eat Meat To Piss Off PETA Day (ok, she didn’t quite call it that), Bill Cimino has picked up the gauntlet and is having a tailgate party outside PETA’s HQ.

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  • Womyn Are For Peace

    Stefan Sharkansky digs up another example of this goofy canard.

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  • Track 394

    Anna has good news for soldiers taking MP3 players with them.

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  • The real enemy

    Kim du Toit goes a little Sinead O’Connor and reminds us who the real enemy is.

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