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Relevance through pestilance?

Is Europe being annoying just to try and stave off their own irrelevance? Could be.

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  • Some random tuneups

    I’ve managed to fix most of the “damage” inflicted by merging the template with Movable Type’s default now. The double-spaced posts are gone, the header on the calendar now looks like it belongs to this site, and the funky not-quite-black text color that made things a bit harder to read is gone. If the site is suddenly horribly broken for you, please let me know. Otherwise, this will be it until I get someone who knows what they’re doing to make a proper design 🙂

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  • Is it Sting’s line yet?

    Anna says the reason American culture is irresistable to the world is that we ARE the world. Well stated, and quite true.

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  • Now you *know* it’s big

    Anti-French T-shirts. Hee hee!

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  • Facts: the anti-liberal

    In 1980, the top tax rate was 70%. In 1990, it was 28%. In 1990, revenue to the Federal Government was more than double what it was in 1980, and the top brackets were paying a larger percentage of the total.

    Now then, here’s a great interview with Steve Moore from the Club for Growth, who have had great success mowing down liberals, RINOs, feminists, and others who will run shrieking upon reading my first paragraph.

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  • A spelling bee?

    A school in Canada removed the word ‘gun’ from spelling tests following complaints by hippy parents. The comedy writes itself on this one, doesn’t it?

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  • The American street

    Glenn Reynolds gets a report from the fearsome American street. Chirac better be worried.

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  • Rall’s next gig?

    Notoriously anti-Semetic Arab News cartoonist M. Kahil has died following surgery. Laurence Simon gives him all the eulogy he deserves.

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  • Nope, not happening

    Meryl Yourish gets in one more slam on the “The US needs to get over 9/11” column, in a very heartfelt manner.

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  • Oh good grief

    A company is planning a new 24-hour news channel for blacks. I couldn’t possibly make this up.

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  • Ahh, celebrities

    Madonna is making a new anti-war video. No doubt it’ll be as well-recieved as George Michael’s.

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  • Yeah, what he said

    Sofia Sideshow on why anti-war protests are good for the war.

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  • Dogs and cats

    In response to the Franco-Kraut whining, Greece has taken Turkey’s side, something most thought could never happen. It’s sorta touching to see everyone uniting against France.

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  • Yasser is exploding for your love

    Parent outraged when kids’ Valentines’ Day cards say ‘Jihad’.

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  • Aaron Sorkin, call your office

    The West Wing: old and busted
    The Right Wing: new hotness.

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  • Germans get what’s comin’

    They’re going to be told on Friday that we’re gonna start pulling our troops. Ha!

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  • Brain hurts

    Stuff like this could make people racist. I mean, *damn*.

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  • “Ghosts are people too”

    A man says that ghosts have walked through him. “That’s great, Ray, save some for me!”.

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  • They’re still showing Donahue?

    MSNBC supports Saddam. Misha has other plans.

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  • The link you’re about to see goes to Frank’s page. Make sure you’re not in a position to wreck your keyboard and follow it.

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  • All lefties welcome?

    Nope, the world’s most notorious self-hating Jew has been banned by ANSWER. Go figure.

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  • Tricks of phrasing

    Reuters misrepresented a poll. Den Beste’s on ’em.

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  • Light switches for peace

    The mind boggles.

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  • Evil bald supergeniuses

    Only Lileks can make growing gray beard hairs into a diatribe on supervillans.

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  • Hula hoops?

    Michele experiences every parent’s worst nightmare.

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