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First off, we have a story about Dracula. No, really. Also, Thomas Friedman boards the EUro-bashing bandwagon (toot toot!), and on a more somber note, NASA has found remains from all seven astronauts. (Read this first, then hit the other two to get the much-needed laughs).

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  • Flying in Formation

    Here’s two excellent editorial cartoons. I’m using a snazzy feature of our new software (Movable Type) to hide them until you click through, which speeds page loading for our friends on dial-up.
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  • Lord of the Engrish

    Andrea Harris has linkage to a site with the great Engrish subtitles from the Two Towers bootleg DVD.

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  • Yay

    A few weeks ago I got a summons for jury duty for tomorrow, which is Teh Suck(tm). I just called the automated hotline and I don’t have to report tomorrow! I was so surprised I double-checked on their website (which has the unnecessarily cool URL of, and it’s all true. Woo hah!

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  • Anna at BBB brings news of SLAM. No, not the obnoxious Onyx song, this is one of the many cool items our military has available.

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  • Move over bacon

    Gregg Easterbrook says the shuttle needs to go. Certainly modern technology could come up with something cheaper, safer, and better (the shuttle remains with late 60s/early 70s technology for the most part). However, I think Greg’s squishy liberalism is getting in the way again. The government should be aiming to find commercially useful things to do in space (various microgravity things on the moon, for instance) and then stepping out of the way and letting private enterprise exploit it. Space tourism alone could be a huge business if it became cheap enough and safe enough.

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  • Paint by Number

    Here’s a great ‘just the facts, ma’am’ rundown of the Space Shuttle program.

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  • Germany turning around?

    The at least moderately conservative Christian Democrats won a huge victory over Gerard Schroder’s flat-out Marxist Social Democrats. I guess anti-Americanism isn’t sufficient to win elections after all.

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  • Hitchens-ization

    A nasty anti-American columnist in the Guardian has a change of heart.

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  • Empty Helmet

    LGF: The saddest picture yet.

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  • Enough’s enough

    Dawn Olsen finally is ready to admit she’s conservative. No doubt this’ll get her delinked, just as Michele’s similar admission several months back did. (I gotta thank whoever first delinked Michele though – I’d never heard of her blog before Glenn noted that controversy, and now she’s one of my consistent daily favorites).

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  • Tough Dove

    Mark Steyn nukes Colin Powell from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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  • (Mc)Cool.

    William McCool, one of the crew of Columbia had a copy of Weezer’s “Blue Album” with him as a personal item. He was planning to take a picture of it next to the Big Blue Earth and present it to Rivers and the boys upon his return. I’m not a big fan of theirs by any means, but it’s yet another neat little story you might not otherwise hear. (hat tip to Robyn).

    UPDATE: Michele has another “human interest” story about one of the 7, this one much much sadder. Read it here.

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  • Back to Business

    Mark Steyn already has a 5-star column on Columbia, complete with a shout-out to LGF and E. Nough.

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  • Fallen Star

    Cox and Forkum have a wonderful cartoon tribute.

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  • The Arab News

    …posted their Columbia coverage, and it’s predictably outrageous. Laurence Simon lets ’em have it with both barrels, or all 4 cats, or something like that.

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  • A fish, a barrel…

    One of Saddam’s bodyguards fled Iraq and is giving a brain dump to the Mossad, including locations of WMDs and other good stuff. If it works out, Colin Powell will have no difficulty steamrollering the UNSC.

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  • Nacogdoches

    Cyberpunk god William Gibson has an excellent post.

    Also, just heard on Fox News: the last communication from Col. Ramon was an email sent from space saying he was having the time of his life and “want[ed] to float forever”.

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  • This boy is *conflicted*

    A great article on Sony’s war against itself.

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  • Bush’s statement

    The complete text is here. Very well done on short notice.

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  • The space shuttle Columbia appears to have broken up on re-entry, and all crew members are believed dead including astronauts from Israel and India. I don’t know what to say, this is a great loss for all mankind.

    Misha has a very touching post about the tragedy.

    Laurence Simon has a nice post, and he’s already planning to do something about it for this year’s Blogathon. Bravo!

    Predictably, the CBC has already blamed “US arrogance”, and extreme liberals already are claiming Bush and Rove engineered it to boost his approval rating. Some are now celebrating Allah’s killing of the Zionist astronaut. Does this validate E. Nough’s parody?

    Den Beste has ‘no snappy analysis’. But he does have pictures of the crew members.

    And here’s LGF’s thread (and a second one, and now a third).

    As you might expect, Rand Simberg is all over this.

    Acidman is angry over the stalling of manned spaceflight since the first Shuttle launch. NASA needs to be stripped down and rebuilt, perhaps this will set that in motion.

    Everyone else is running the “surly bonds of Earth” poem from the Challenger disaster. Since this is Columbia I’m going to do something different. Here are the lyrics to a song about her first launch in 1981.


    Lyrics by Neil Peart
    From the Rush album Signals

    Lit up with anticipation
    We arrive at the launching site
    The sky is still dark, nearing dawn
    On the Florida coastline

    Circling choppers slash the night
    With roving searchlight beams
    This magic day when super-science
    Mingles with the bright stuff of dreams

    Floodlit in the hazy distance
    The star of this unearthly show
    Venting vapours, like the breath
    Of a sleeping white dragon

    Crackling speakers, voices tense
    Resume the final count
    All systems check, T minus nine
    As the sun and the drama start to mount

    The air is charged — a humid, motionless mass
    The crowds and the cameras,
    The cars full of spectators pass
    Excitement so thick — you could cut it with a knife
    Technology — high, on the leading edge of life

    The earth beneath us starts to tremble
    With the spreading of a low black cloud
    A thunderous roar shakes the air
    Like the whole world exploding

    Scorching blast of golden fire
    As it slowly leaves the ground
    Tears away with a mighty force
    The air is shattered by the awesome sound

    Like a pillar of cloud, the smoke lingers
    High in the air
    In fascination — with the eyes of the world
    We stare…

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  • LGF Multiball

    First off, Rand Simberg’s Idiotarian Glossary. Plus, Mark Steyn says that “cheese-eating surrender monkey” is inadequate to explain France’s behavior. Also, since it’s illegal for them to kill “blicks” now, South Africans have turned their attentions in a direction Billy McKinney would approve of.

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  • The Backfence makes up some concepts for reality shows.

    UPDATE: Michele has some of that crustless sandwich stuff and some advice for Lileks. Somewhat surprisingly, he turns up in her comments to respond.

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  • The white flag

    France has surrendered to a high school band. No, really.

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  • Paging Captain Kirk

    It seems this “skin color preferencces” thing is getting out of hand.

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