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Some Earth First! anti-war signs got liberated. Heh heh heh.

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  • Brilliant

    The Emperor points out this excellent Flash animation. Make sure your speakers are on or you’ll miss why it’s great.

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  • Finally, good news from Hollywood

    Sean Astin (aka Samwise Gamgee) is an imperialist warmonger. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. But that leads to a big question. Since he has a rank “slightly below a 3-star general” does that mean he could order planes to scramble and bomb Viggo?.

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  • Onwards Anglosphere!

    Lord Conrad Black writes that the UK is right to stand by the US. (His wife, Barbara Amiel, was one of the early people to blow the whistle on the growing anti-Semetism of the European continent).

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  • Saddam’s best friend

    Christopher Hitchens has a great column on the UN.

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    More on the surrender monkeys.

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  • Absolute surrender

    Rachel Lucas posted a terrific picture that makes fun of France.

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  • Good grief

    Ahh, Earth First! Always good for a laugh.

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  • That’s the news

    Dennis Miller was on Donahue last night. Sounds like a keeper.

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  • More traitors

    Add Spike Lee, Edward Norton, Rosario Dawson, and Barry Pepper (he still has a career after Battlefield Earth?) to the list of known morons.

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  • Imperial Buffet(tm)

    The Emperor notes that when Donks from California want to take action against France, *that’s* wide-based popular support.

    Also, some peaceniks wet their panties because some ROTC guys were practicing nearby.

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  • Damn poodles

    Netanyahu has recalled Israel’s ambassador to Belgium for “consultations” after the idiots announced that they want to arrest half the IDF for “war crimes”. Europe should just get on with it and publically announce that they hate Jews.

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  • Ted Rall

    …gets second-degree Fisked (I’m not sure what to call it when someone citing him gets Fisked…).

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  • The whole country?

    Stephen Green Fisks Germany. Yes, pretty much all of it.

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  • Jimmy Carter says “Yes!”

    Lileks does an extended pitch/review of The American Song-Poem Anthology, Vol. 1. If you don’t know what a song-poem is, he explains. And short MP3 clips of 2 of the songs are included.

    Plus, the Backfence has practical V-Day ideas.

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  • England has been united… by France, against France. Mwahahahaha.

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  • Movin’ on up

    Walking punchline Carole Mosley-Braun is running for President. This is gonna be the best primary season ever!

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  • MwahaHAHAhahaha

    Tha Bloggfather has just posted the best picture of Chirac ever. Swallow before you click!

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  • Propaganda

    Mike Hendrix has made a very cool poster. Check it out.

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  • Gary Hart: Secret McKinney?

    Gary Hart made remarks that strongly appear to be anti-Semetic and/or tasteless. He may yet beat Trent Lott for raw stupidity.

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  • Turn, turn, turn

    Den Beste catches more Reuters spin.

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  • Try again

    Meryl Yourish Fisks a factually challenged analysis of Israeli and Palestinian death figures stemming from the stupidifada.

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  • Poetry for the war

    Today’s Best of the Web has a collection of frequently terrific anti-idiotarian poetry. My favorite, credited to Tom Spaulding:

    There once was a writer named Fisk
    Who opined at “great personal risk”
    Till a teed off Afghani
    With the strength of my granny
    Kicked his “what used to be kissed”

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  • Here’s a great list from Iberian Notes.

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  • I only live here

    Frank’s alternate Rummy and Condi are on the prowl again. I want a Commie-detecting gun!

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